can't take the kid from the fight, take the fight from the kid

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i was big stressing this weekend bc i couldn't log into my college thing but i finally got in so now i'm chilling :))

imma rant about sanders sides real quick- okay Patton is cute, i won't deny he used to be definitely one of my favs along with virgil. but as the series progressed, he became more controlling and manipulative, virgil somehow became too much. logan and roman started revealing their own problems and i began relating to them greatly. janus became a bigger role and i began to even fall for him as well. so my fav characters became logan, roman, janus, and remus; virgil and patton fell to the bottom and that breaks my heart. like what happened ya know? big sad :(

i saw this pixar sparkshort called loop and omigosh so precious, 10/10 recommend to watch, we love. as much as i hated the one that was about the cat and the dog, which ruined my view on them and caused me to not watch any other shorts, so far the rest of them are very cute.

can y'all believe in one week it'll be pride month? i want to do a pride themed video for yt but idk what.

i really love save rock and roll like a collab with elton john and fall out boy? god tier. like the rest of the album was amazing: courtney love, foxes, big sean, tommy lee, ya know cool and all but  E L T O N  J O H N

i feel like i might be one thing but then i still don't know for sure. i've noticed little things where i'm like "okay for sure i am." but then sometimes i'm like "nah, i'm just overthinking." like who gave humans the chance of free will to decide their own destiny, just tell what's going on in my ole noggin, i can't figure it out by myself. :((

on a good note, after about 2-3 weeks of not having my friends in my dreams, they reappeared last night! idk what my dream was about but ik they were in it

i really wish i could get tana's onlyfans but no one would allow that. so the most i'm getting is her inconsistent posting schedule since we don't have mtv either :((

also i really love banana cream pie now, call me a stan officially. don't get me wrong tho, crunch dipped cones will always be my fav desserts.

welp, she ra will forever be in my heart, idk if i'll ever finish black butler, and that's all i got for today.

love you all, stay safe, buh bye!


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