Chapter 3 - Why did my Hot Cat just turn into a Hot Guy?!

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EH, EH EH???

My mouth fell open as Leo said that unbelievable phrase. I pointed at the black haired boy.

" a sec!" I clutched my head. "This is completely impossible! And messed up!"

Leo glanced at me, giving me an amused grin.

"Impossible? There's no such thing as "impossible" these days."

I still stared at the two, wide eyes.

" the hell is my cat and dog humans?!"

The black haired boy sent Leo a glare. "That's what I'm wondering." He growled. "First I go to go see Melisa, the next thing I know, I'm on four feet- no wait, paw. Then I find myself at a shelter. Then this wonderful person found me-" He shot me a look. "-who strangely, resembles Melisa herself, took me here."

I glanced at Leo. He had tensed up at the name, Melisa.

"Who's Melisa?" I asked. Leo, didn't as much as glance at me.

"No wonder you didn't act like a normal dog." The Leo muttered. "No wonder, eh? No dog acts like a fucking bitch like you."

The black haired guy's flashed with loathing before he threw himself forward, jumping at Leo, completely enraged.

Then they started to fight, again.

I groaned and pressed a hand to my forehead. Why do guys always resort to fighting? Why did I decide to get a dog? No wait- it wasn't my decision.

"STOP IT, NOW!" I yelled it at the top of my lungs, in the most commanding voice possible.

The two, surprisingly froze. Leo with his hands on the black haired guy's throat. Just in time.

I stomped over to the two and pushed Leo's hands off the black haired guy's throat. They both sat back, now sitting crossed legged. Odd much?

"Can you two stop fighting?!" I yelled. "You two act so-" I cut off as I noticed both of them staring at me in surprise. "Eh? What?"

"Did you feel that?" Leo asked the black haired guy.

The black haired guy rubbed his throat angrily.

"Yeah, I felt your hands on my throat-"

"Not that. After Amy said that."

"Oh. Yeah, that."

"What?" I said impatiently.

"Well." The black haired boy sat up straight, staring at me grimly. "I think a magical sorceress has magically put a magic spell on you so Harry Potter can magically-"

"Shut up!" Leo growled.

"Hey, at least I got the time to steal her books."

"A book would have killed me."

"Whatever. Well, the point is, Harry Potter and Hermione-"

"Answer me seriously!"

"The only way to answer is to tell you the whole story." Leo frowned, crossing his arms. "I'm not sure, but I think that Melisa is responsible for this."

The black haired guy's shot up.

"She wouldn't do that..."

Leo shrugged lightly.

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