My Soul on Trial Chapters 13-17

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Chapter 13

            My death was quick and painless. I expected that after I witnessed my demise that my eternal fate would have been determined, but I was shocked by the turn of events.

"Eric, you may have ended your pain on earth, but what about the pain of those you left behind?' God asked of me. "Your story doesn't end there."

            I stood there, as I watched the events after my death.

Sam was on the couch nursing the baby, my niece - Erin and my little sister - Emily were still in the front room playing. As I looked out the front window, I watched a police car pull up to the house.

            Knock, knock, knock. I watched confusion on my sister's face as she tried to figure out who was at the door, but since she had her hands full, she asked Emily to answer it for her.

She opened the door to find two police officers standing there.

"Is there an adult home we can speak to?" asked one of the officers.

"Sissy, there are police at the door. They want to talk to you."

Sam situated herself, and started to burp the baby as she walked to the door. "Yes, may I help you?"

"Hello, we wanted to speak to Eric, is he home?"

I watched my sister's face as concern grew - what was she thinking? Did she think as I did, that they were here to take me to jail? That Marie got what she was after?

"Eric, there is someone here to see you." Sam called to me. I knew I wouldn't answer, and heard her call out to me a couple more times.

Then I watched as concern turned into frustration. Did she think I was ignoring her again?

I watched as she turned the corner towards the den to see if I will still hiding out there. She didn't notice the note on the keyboard when she turned the light on. I followed her on her search, and I felt regret- knowing full well that she would be the one to find me.

"Eric, where are..." when she turned towards the garage, she saw me.

"Eric, this is a sick joke!" she said as she walked towards me.

It looked as if I was kneeling, the rope still around my neck.

The last noise I heard before I died as my neck cracking, when I jumped off the ladder, so I didn't feel any pain.

Sam walked towards me, and touched my arm, "Eric?" she said in almost a whisper.

"O, my God! NO! God please no! Someone please help me!" I heard her yell.

My niece started to run towards Sam, but one of the officers grabbed her in the nick of time and took her outside and asked Emily to join her.

Sam came around the corner, with the baby still in her arms, tears streaming down her face.

"Please, you have to help me!" she begged the other officer.

"We know, that is why were here. Eric called one of his friends to say goodbye. He, in return called us to check on him when he couldn't reach Eric on his cell phone."

            I watched as Sam had to call our parents and inform then and the horror on their faces as they received word from the doctor - that I was not coming back. I could not be revived.

            Everything paused; I turned and faced God, as tears streamed down my face.

"I know I caused Sam and my family so much pain. But I couldn't do it anymore." I said with so much grief.

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