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Tadashi and (YN) slowed when they reached where the lighthouse was. The light was bright and made them squint for a moment before their eyes adjusted to it completely. The lighthouse was a few feet away, but before them were iron gates. The gates were open, but right past the open gates was a body of a man. He was dead.

Tadashi frowned. "This must have been the man that Janine and Avery told us about."

Before (YN) could say anything else, she felt a sharp bit of pain in her stomach. It was nothing severe, but definitely existed. Her hand reached over her stomach and she knew exactly what it was.


Tadashi looked over to her and concern was on his face. He was worried, especially by the soft tone of her voice when she said his name and the way she looked. "Are you alright? You don't look so good."

"Tadashi, all of a sudden, I'm hungry," (YN) said. She looked terrified. "We have to get out of here. Now."

"Do you want me to find you anything to eat?" Tadashi asked as they began moving forward.

(YN) shook her head. "No, no. Not here. We're too close to being out of here. Besides, something tells me I'd be stuck here like him if I did eat anything."

"Smart girl," a voice called. It belonged to a woman. Tadashi and (YN) turned to the sound of the voice. The same olive skinned, curly haired woman who had killed Janine was standing there, only instead of wearing clothes that your average civilian would wear she was dressed in black Grecian robes. Her eyes held thousands of years within them. Her hair reached her lower back, and the curls were a bit tighter now than they had been just moments ago.

"Who are you?" Tadashi asked.

She smiled warmly. "Don't you know who I am?"

Tadashi shook his head but turned his head when (YN) spoke up.

"You're Persephone, aren't you?" (YN) said. "Hades' wife and therefore Queen of the Underworld?"

"Very smart girl," Persephone said. "I created this place," she revealed. "I saw so many lost souls with my husband that I felt sorry for because they didn't belong there yet. They still hadn't unveiled their purpose in their life and were miserable," Persephone revealed. "So I created this realm. The In Between, as you have been calling it. I created an option for people to leave, but too many have failed to resist temptation. Like this man you heard about, for instance," Persephone said as she gestured to the dead body behind them.

"The beans," Tadashi realized.

"Sort of like your pomegranate seeds," (YN) pieced together. "It all makes sense."

"What?" Tadashi asked, clearly confused.

"Hades kidnapped Persephone because he wanted her to be his wife. Her mother Demeter wanted Persephone back, and went to Zeus for help. Zeus said she could return as long as she had not eaten anything during her time in the Underworld. But Persephone had eaten some pomegranate seeds, but she was able to come back for half of the year," (YN) explained to Tadashi. "The half of the year that she's in the Underworld, Demeter is so upset that she fails to tend to the harvests and that's how we get fall and winter. But when her daughter returns, it is spring time as everything comes back to life again."

"So if we haven't eaten anything or anything along those lines, we'll be okay?" Tadashi asked.

"If the trial inside the lighthouse doesn't drive you mad," Persephone said. "Many have failed to accept their deaths whether they realize it or not. That's why it drives them mad. Like your friend Avery, for example."

"Speaking of Avery, what about Janine?" (YN) asked. "I spared her. She shouldn't be dead, but you killed her. Why?"

"She failed to resist temptation," Persephone said. "You killed Avery for self defense. That is not temptation, that is protection. Janine tried to kill you for revenge. That is temptation."

"It still doesn't sit well with me," (YN) said.

"Good. That means you have a heart," Persephone said. "I am rooting for you two, but that does not mean that the trial will be any easier. But I find your relationship endearing," Persephone admitted. "Good luck, Black Parade. I wish you well."

And in the blink of an eye, Persephone was gone.

"We have to get through the lighthouse," (YN) said. "I just don't want to even think about my hunger."

"We'll be out of here soon," Tadashi said. "I live above my aunt's bakery. When we get to San Fransokyo, you can have all the doughnuts you can eat."

(YN) chuckled. "I'm gonna hold you to that."
Tadashi smiled. "Come on. Let's go home."

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