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PM is the key.

In case I hadn't see your entry form please do pm me again or just comment here.

Please be patient for the awarding. The results will be release on November or December, since we need time to judge your book.

Be nice to other participants and to us.

Also it isn't just me who will judge your book. Judges would also.

Any kpop groups are accepted.

We'll have TOP3 winners for every group.

Group: GOT7
Book title: Blah blah blah
Character: Jinyoung
GOT7 ff winners:
3rd runner up (Bambam ff)
2nd runner up (Mark ff)
1st runner up/Champion (Jackson ff)

And so on.


Follow me and the judges: pokerclown9705 Yejiconic thatmaskedkid KpopFanFics213 teqrless KpopLibrarian itsme372 heraschlachter7 jaemiroseflores jemjemordonez kidojams yumiikangg franciscruzzz xpeachypassionx subkookoo

No unfollowing of accounts.

If you are the winner you will receive a sticker with "D2 awards Champion" written on it and a follow from me and two of the judges which is already decided. As for the second and third runner up you'll also receive a sticker with a title on it and a follow from the two of the judges.

If you aren't one of the Top 3 don't worry 'cause there will also be a "Best cover", "Best in grammar", and "Good style in writing" awards.


Your username.

Title of your book.

Group name

Who's member is the main character.

Summary of the story.

Why do you want to join this awarding. (optional)

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