Extra Chapter (Tanjirou) : Experienced Caretaker

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Trying to keep the two of his friends from arguing at each other is a pretty hard thing to do, especially when Tanjirou still needs to hold himself from moving too much to prevent anymore fractures on his body. Though thanks to the amazing amount of patience he has, the male could still managed to compose himself from having to scold his friends too much. His pure kindness just won't let the boy get mad at them for too long.

Unfortunately, one thing that still bother him, is that he had tried a few times to talk with you. At one time, as he approached your figure in the distance, the sudden realization of what you did a while back made his heart sink and only make him stood on his place.

It was not because he was annoyed of your sudden disappearance, that's for sure. The male was just very worried that something might've happened to you and that you didn't have the courage to open up, even though he's willing to be there to listen if you were to decide to finally explain everything.

But despite the fact of him couldn't really come up with a decent conversation with you, Tanjirou would always try to lend a helping hand instead whenever he saw you were helping Hisa with her chores. You always thanked him for his help, which eventually sparked something from the bottom of Tanjirou's heart.

The boy wanted to get close to you even more in order for you to feel comfortable to be around with him.


A few days later, Tanjirou had recovered slightly from the pain of his wounds and bruises, though it'll still take more time for them to heal completely.

During his recovery, Inosuke often asked Tanjirou to fight him, which sometimes he eventually accept because he doesn't want to upset his friend that much. Not only to Tanjirou, Inosuke also forced Zenitsu to have a match with him, which usually led to another arguing between the two. Tanjirou was pretty much overwhelmed by how much energy his two friends has despite of their broken ribs.

Today, he planned to be as helpful around everyone like he used to. But somehow, he doesn't feel like doing anything as much as like the previous days. His body suddenly felt a little numb compared to yesterday, which was kind of odd to him.

'Why does my head felt dizzy all of a sudden?'

Tanjirou were walking back inside the wisteria household, but upon entering the hallway, he held up his head. As his dark crimson eyes staring lightly to the floor, his vision suddenly looked blurry, which confuses the male even more.

Fortunately, after he blinked a few times, his vision went back to normal. Assuming that it was just a random headache, he quickly compose himself and gets inside the room where he could smell the presence of his friends.

He slide the door open, but the burgundy-haired male flinched upon seeing his friends bickering at each other again, even after knowing that the sun had already set ages ago.

"I just want to have a proper sleep for once, and you really had to snore that loud?!" Zenitsu yelled with veins visible on his forehead, taunting Inosuke's hot-headed side to reply with the same tone of voice.

"At least I didn't walk while I'm sleeping, stupid banana!" The boar-masked male yelled as he cross both of his arms while looking away.

Not long after, the two noticed the presence of the burgundy-haired boy, standing sheepishly near the door with a slight pale-looking face.

Even though his boar mask is covering almost all of his view, Inosuke noticed that Tanjirou looked off for some reason. There are a few bullets of sweats appeared on his rock-hard forehead, and the expression he has didn't escape his sight.

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