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AN: quick warning: this fanfic contains mentions of self harm, depression, suicide, blood and gore and disrespects the canon much less than the original fanfic! Also if you're wondering who britney is, she's a prep that appears a few times throughout my immortal and (SPOILERS) becomes one of the death dealers later on! I decided to ship these two together because i'm a sucker for enemies-to-lovers stories! Anyways, without further ado, enjoy the show! Also NO FLAMMMING OK?!?!?!

This fanfiction is inspired by the harry potter fanfiction: my immortal by tara gilesbie and mediajunkie studios' webseries of the same name

Enoby woke up in her coffin all depressed and dressed into a nirvana t-shirt, a leather pleated skirt, neon red fishnet stuff all over her arms and legs, purple thigh-high stockings and those like, sneakers that went all the way up to the knees (AN: ngl i kinda wanted a pair of them when i was around 8) in blood red, as for makeup it was just black lipstick mixed with white foundation all over her face, making her face all grey. (AN: i only put the white foundation part in so that it doesn't sound like ebony's doing blackface) She felt depressed so she slit her wrists and drank the blood out with a special straw made SPECIFICALLY for blood-drinking given to her by hargrid. After that she went to the common room to meet up with her goffik peepulz

Ever since that whole thing with vampire her relationship with draco was rather rocky (just like the backstory of the sonic franchise) and she felt as though she needed a change, a fresh start, like a butterfly emerging from it's cacoon...she started crying blood at this thought, she didn't want to admit it, but she knew deep down that it's the right thing to do if she wants to grow as a young vampire. She walked and walked until suddenly...


Yuck, it was that stupid fucking poser preppy BRITNEY!!! Ebony scoffed, "what do you want, fucker?" She questioned angerly, britney giggled, "you're pretty scary, i love it!" She squeaked, ebonenony started power-walking sadly, "good to know but you didn't answer my FUCKING question!" She roared, bitchney giggled again, "oh noootthhiiinnnggg...hehe, you'd look pretty good in pink" she exclaimed, anenome scoffed aggressively and just started running, god...this bitch is seriously suggesting that the goff goddess herself adds more pink to her wardrobe AND she's being nice to her? How FUCKING dare she! "ARE YOU FAHKING SERIOUS!?!?!? ME? WEAR PINK? GAWWWDD-DUH!!! ARE YOU JOKING!?!?? YOU KNOW A GOFFIK KWEEN LIKE MYSELF ONLY WEARS BLACK!!!" She shouted, brinny started chasing the ebony black-haired young lady excitedly like hat kid to mustache girl in chapter 1: act 1 of a hat in time (AN: i just wanted to reference AHIT because i just started playing the other day and i'm in love with it, go check it out #notsponsored), "alrighty then, hey! Do you know BTS? I'm a big fan" she asked, ebony realized she can't escape britney's stupid blonde reign of terror and started slowing down, "ew, NO! I hate preppy bands, i only listen to MCR, good charlotte, simple plan, evanescence and linkin park" she replied, (AN: idk if she canonically listens to other bands, and honestly i don't feel like checking) britney gasped, "ooh! I never heard of those bands, i should check them out!" She said, oh great...not only is she a prep she's also a FUTURE POSER!!!! "K, now if you excuse me, i have some ACTUALLY cool people to hang out with" ebony said, she was just about to flip off britain but she interrupted her before she could do so

"So are you excited for prom? It's just next week!"

Ebony sighed angerly and replied with a short and sweet "NO," briteny appeared dissapointed but kept her permanant sickeningly sweet smile, "aww....why not?" She asked, ebony growled, "ugh, i just KNOW all the girls are gonna be wearing those stupid frilly dresses and nothing but stupid love songs are gonna play" she responded behind her teeth. "YIIKKEESS!!! Looks like someone's a wittwe gwumpypants today! Say, would you like to go to prom with me?" Britney chuckled, ebony menacingly glared at britanica and blushed, "WHAT?!?!?! Me? Go to prom with a poser preppy such as yourself? Don't make me laugh! Preps suck dick!" She said, almost breaking her neck by how hard she was glaring. "Aww...please? You'll have fun!" Britney begged in a sing-song voice,

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