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Dixies POV
We pull into our house and I rush in "slow down dix why are you going so fast." My dad said "oh uh I'm just kinda excited." I say smiling a lot "your acting like this Addison character is a boy. Is she a boy, Dixie you know bett-" "no dad she's not a boy don't get your self worked up." I say while laughing "then why are you so smiley." He says while walking up to the porch. "Because I got a new friend and she seems super nice and I just wanna do good here." I say fast while running inside.

I go to my room to get dressed. I put on a sweatshirt and sweats so I could be comfortable. I sit down on my bed and get on my phone without thinking, 30 minutes passed and I didn't know until I hear Charli yell "Dixie I'm ready what are you doing!" "Hold up Charles I'm coming." I then go downstairs and I see her standing by the door. "Took you long enough." I roll my eyes and open the door then get into my Jeep.

"Do you even know Avanis address?" I say while starting the car. "Duh I'm not that stupid unlike you." She says the last part softly but I still hear her. "You Bitch." I say hitting her while laughing "just drive." Charli says we pull off and we're listening to some music. We've been driving for 15 minutes and listening to music until of course Charli turns it off. "What's your problem dude." I say obviously annoyed. "Turn." She says "sorry Charli, is this the last street." I say while turning. "Yeah her house is on the left."

I pull into her house and Charli quickly try's to hop out "bye." She says opening her door and I quickly hop out mine. "Dixie what are you doing go back." Charli says whining and I laugh at her. "I wanna meet your friend." I say and she rolls her eyes "fine just don't be weird." She says whispering while knocking on the door. "No promises' I say while smirking looking down at her. We wait at the door for about 2 minutes until a short brown haired girl answers "hey Charli." She says giving her a hug "hi Avani this is my big sister Dixie, Dixie this is my friend Avani." Charli says smiling nervously. "Charli why are all your friends so short." Avani laughs and Charli crosses her arms and glares at me. "Anyways I'm gonna go bye guys have fun and Avani nice to meet you." I say walking away and getting into my car.

I drive away and thankfully Addisons house wasn't to far.  I pull into her driveway and wait there for a second not knowing what to do. I start to get out and walk up to the door I hesitated to knock but I did. While waiting for someone to open the door I was thinking why was I like this why was a so nervous to be here. I was cut off by someone opening the door. "Hi" I hear a sweet voice say it was Addison "hey." We Stan there for a couple seconds staring at each other "so can I come in" I say while laughing "y-yeah of course" she moves to the side so I could go in. "Your house in really nice." I say looking around at this beautiful not as beautiful as Addison though. I need help I don't even know if she's single plus I'm straight plus she's straight what the fuck. "Dixie are you okay you look lost." Addison says snapping me out of my thoughts "yeah of course" I say looking down still trying to comprehend what's going on in my head. "You wanna go up to my room." Addison says which makes me lift my head up and look at her. She steps a little bit closer which made me blush "uh huh yeah." I say stuttering "why are you so awkward Dixie but it's cute." She says laughing. She then pulls me down a hallway and into her room it was filled with pink and purple things it was so girly I could never. "Damn Addi why so-so pink      dude." I say while looking around with a disgusted face on. She closes the door "Because it's my favorite. Why so dull Dixie Da'melio." She says pushing my shoulder. I look down at her with a smirk on my face. "Cuz I look better in these colors duh." I say pushing her back harder.

"Wow I'm not sure if anything's your color." Addison says laughing. "Oh your gonna regret that Easterling." I say tackling her on her bed. We both laugh then I look up are faces were inches apart we both stare at each other until I saw Addisons eyes flicker to my lips I start to blush immediately but I wanted to play it off cool. "You blinked" I say getting off top of Addison and laughing.

Addison POV
What the fuck just happened. Did we just have a moment or did she really just think we were having a staring contest I'm blushing like crazy right now. "Wanna watch a movie maybe Netfli-" I was cut off by the door ringing I groan "what now I say getting up off my bed and Dixie follows me.

I open the door to see Bryce "fuck." I mumble under my breath. "What's up babe who's this." He says walking in giving me a kiss on the cheek. "It's Dixie I told you I wasn't gonna hang out with you today I said tomorrow." I say looking at him "yeah but I thought you were just joking we always hang out." He says looking at me kindave laughing. "Maybe we shouldn't hang out everyday. I've been losing friends because of this Bryce can we hang out like 3 days of the week I need some space you feel that to. Right?" I say looking at him seriously. "Yeah sure I just thought as my girlfriend you would want to spend time with me." He says walking out slamming the door. "Uh should I go or." Dixie says standing behind me "no of course not let's watch a movie or something." I say walking past her. Well shit that just killed the mood I even forgot he existed for a minute.

Hi what's up I'm bored.👋🏾🤧

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