Chapter 2 Diagon Alley

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So, my first experience in the wizarding world. It pretty much sucked,

excuse my French. 

     At 5 AM, a random stranger showed up. I had all my money in my pocket, as

well as the supply list. This guy didn't say a word to me. I was wondering if he

was mute.

     We arrived at a broken-down pub and walked in. One guy was staring at me

like a stalker. He was wearing a wierd turban. We unlocked Diagon Alley and the

guy walked off really fast, so I ran after him.

     We stopped at sone weird building, which turned out to be Gringotts.

Imagine walking into there knowing NOTHING! The gobblins are CREEPY! Anyway, I

swapped some normal cash for galleons and we left.

     Then he became my own personal stalker; joy. When I walked into the robe

store, I knew it was different. Inside I saw him, my father. No, I knew that

wasn't possible since Dad was dead, so I assumed it was my brother. I snuck over

to him.

     "Hi, I'm Sky Potter. You look really familiar, have we met?" I asked him.

     "Hi, I'm Harry, Harry Potter. I don't think so, but you look familiar too.

Isn't it weird that we have the same last name?" He seemed shocked by my

attitude, he must not be used to friendly people.

     "Yeah it is so-" I got cut off by that guy pulling me away. "Bye then!" I

yelled, I hoped he would know it wasn't my fault. When we got outside I yelled

at the man, "What the freak! I was having a conversation! Gosh, what is your

problem!?" I was steaming.

     "Dumbledore didn't want you talking to him yet. We'll go back later, come

on." The man said in a monotone voice.

     "Why the hell not?" I yelled, not moving to follow him.

     "I don't know. Come on." He said with no emotion. I humphed and followed

him angrily. Then? I saw a man towering a few feet above the crowd. He was the

man my uncle had described, so I ran off. "Hagrid! Hagrid!" I yelled at the tall

man.  He heard me and walked off to a spot, I followed him.

     "I'm sorry, but who are you?" He said in a strange accent.

     "Oh, we've never met, my uncle told me about you though, I've always wanted

to meet you!" I told him sincerely. This man was my only connection to my

brother and family, and he seemed nice.

     "Oh, it's lovely to meet you, are you alone?" He asked.

     "No, sir, I'm with some guy.....He never said his name. Oh! By the way, I'm

Sky, Sky Potter." His eyes widened at my last name, " I know, you're shocked, I

shou-" The man was pulling me away again, really, dude! That was twice! "Bye