Chapter 1: Ray's bizarre 'Xen'counter

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S.s Oceana
A week had passed since Ray left his old life in the Unova region behind him. He was a dark skinned 17 year old boy his hair color was dark blue with gray eyes that shined like steel, his clothes were mainly a gray long sleeve jacket and black jeans, he wore a white T-shirt inside of the gray jacket with a purple banner at the bottom, he also tied a black sweater on his neck like a scarf symbolising him as a 'Rich Kid'.
He was currently on board the S,S Oceana a cruise ship. He was in the registration hall of the ship to get his information checked in for his trainer license. He turned on a PC and began the process.

"Welcome to the Aevium league!" A cheerful voice came from the PC, it was a young dark skinned woman with short black hair with red frosted tips, her face was pretty with a bright smile, she wore a black and white shirt that clung to her voluptuous body nicely, Ray couldn't help but look amazed at how beautiful she was.
"My name's Amanda, am sort of a scout for the league, helping out newbie trainers such as yourself" Amanda said smiling.
"It's kinda weird to be called a newbie at my age" Ray said with sweat dripping from you forehead.
"The Aevium league ain't like any other league out there, it's got 18 gyms instead of 8 and it has an "Elite 8" instead of 4, you heard me right 8 hahaha so meta right? " Amanda added.
"Elite 8?!" The hell sort of gauntlet match do they want people to take part of!!!" Ray panicked at the thought of fighting 8 people in a row.
"Also this region is known for having different terrains that could aid or hinder your battling prowess so better keep that in mind" the scout said with a serious face.
"This region might turn Into more of a chore than an adventure" Ray left a lazy comment.
"well enough of that please insert your picture, gender and name into the PC" Amanda demanded
Ray took a picture of himself smiling and inserted it into the pc slot, he then typed in male as his gender and wrote 'Ray' only as his name.
"Alright then as soon as you arrive at Oceana pier go north and you'll find Gearan city, I'll be waiting for you at the city lab, see you soon" the image of Amanda then vanished from the screen.

Ray walked away from the PC and headed to the receptionist in the room.
"Here you go, your very own trainer card, it isn't verified yet you'll have to do that when we dock at the pier" the receptionist told him
"Thanks" the dark skinned boy said nonchalantly and walked away.
He looked at his trainer card and smiled, (this time for sure, I'll make a name for myself, get all the girls and make a ton of friends!) He said to himself.
He left the room and shouted "Am going to be a champion! And then a master!" He lifted his fist into the air,
"The journey of Ray starts....." He was caught off by a mysterious woman pulling his cheek.
"Ouch ouch ouch! Nancy that hurts!" Ray cried out with tears in his eyes.
"I've told you a hundred times don't yell in public, at least you're done with the registration finally" the woman known as Nancy said. She had bright pink hair and a white coat, her pink eye had bags under them and her face gave the impression of a hard worker (which she was, she's a rich lady).
"I know it's hard leaving the region you were born in but, it's for the best" Nancy said softly as she put a hand on Ray's shoulder.
(Pfft, hard my ass, Unova sucked, the league was so uncoordinated, the other kids in the school always left me behind because I didn't fit into any category jock, normie or nerd, and most Pokemon in that region looked horrible) in his mind Ray really hated Unova and was ready to start over again in Aevium.
"Anyway, you should go talk to the captain, he's an old friend of mine, he's bound to have a lot of knowledge about Aevium" Nancy suggested.
"Alright, I got it" Ray reluctantly agreed and left. He climbed up the stairs of the ship, thinking about his relationship with Nancy, by the age of 15 he came to the conclusion Nancy wasn't his mother, their differences were too many for them to be related, so he stopped calling her mom and started referring to her as just Nancy, he respected her as his guardian but as a mother he couldn't.

As Ray walked up the stairs, Nancy walked down stairs and entered one of the rooms.
The room occupied 2 beings, one was a Pokemon with a humanoid shape(Gothitelle), it looked like a girl trying out goth style clothing, it was dark purple and pink in colour with bows everywhere, it had a sadistic smile on it's face.
The other was a girl with black hair about Ray's age, she wore a white blouse and a black skirt with suspenders,her dark purple stockings made her legs look more attractive, she had 2 purple flower accessories on the left and right side of her head.
"I take it everything is going well" the girl spoke to Nancy.
"Well Ray's fine but I can't shake the feeling something big is about to happen" Nancy spoke up.
"I could care less about your faux feeling, if anything is to happen am sure you can handle, if not I'll terminate you on the spot" the girl said with a grim tone.
"I understand Crescent, I'll follow the mission, keep Ray save and raise him peacefully in Aevium" Nancy said as she bowed.
"Indeed, I just want Ray to smile, his happiness is the most important thing right now" Cresent the mysterious girl said with a malicious smile.

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