Chapter 8: Let's Get Kicking!

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High-pitched screams of a girl interrupted your small nap, you glanced around but only saw a mop of yellow from behind Tanjiro and the kakushi carrying him.

You also noticed two girls, one seemingly being a child and the other being a slightly older girl who was currently scolding Zenitsu.

Shinobu had offered to let you stay at her estate rather than the headquarters which you happily accepted since you would get to see the trio more.

You shook your head seeing Zenitsu trembling under the covers, but nonetheless relieved he was alright, before you noticed Inosuke who was unusually quiet. "Inosuke! You're alright, I'm so sorry that Tomioka and I had to leave you!" The said male grunted, the glossy blue eyes of his boar mask seemingly staring at nothing.

"It's alright. Sorry for being weak."

...Eh?? Was that his voice? He did sound strange from before but you figured it was because of dehydration and fatigue. You looked at him worriedly while you were placed on a bed opposite to Zenitsu's.

Watching them converse, you didn't notice four figures walking up to you. "Kawasaki Y/N, injured back, injured arms.. You'll be better in a few days so don't worry!" The girl from before spoke, giving you a reassuring smile. "O-oh! That's good to hear. I'm sorry but can you please introduce yourselves?" Gesturing to her and the three smaller girls, she placed a hand to her chest.

"I am Kanzaki Aoi but you may call me Aoi. These three are Takada Naho, Nakahara Sumi and Terauchi Kiyo." The three girls smiled at you. You noticed they all wore the same butterfly hair pins, just different colours.

"I'm Naho, we'll be taking care of you!" The one with green clips exclaimed. "I'm Sumi, nice to meet you Kawasaki-chan!" The one faint blue clips add in. "I'm Kiyo, I hope you enjoy your stay!" The one with pink clips finished.

You bowed your head slightly. "Nice to meet you all, please just call me Y/N," You lifted your head and clasped your hands together. "I hope I won't burden you!"

"Not at all! Unlike that guy over there, you're pretty alright." She begrudgingly pointed at Zenitsu who shook his head. "EHHH??? WHY MEE???", "Be quiet!"


Day by day, you all slowly got better. Your back lacked any pain and you could move just fine, though your arms and fingers were still healing. You'd been encouraging the others and told them to stay strong. Visitors also came which excited Tanjiro the most while the other two were just the same. Even the small group of swordsman that you had saved came around to thank you. Murata had been complaining about the Pillars before Shinobu stepped in, frightening off the poor man.

After a while, you were up and kicking but Kagaya and Shinobu insisted that you rest until you were fully healed. You were currently roaming the halls of the Butterfly Estate in search of Aoi so that she could properly change the bandages on your arms.

Turning into a corner, you bumped into someone's chest, making you fall back but luckily they held onto your back atm before pulling you back. " Sorry! Thank you for... the.. help..." The Wind Pillar towered before you, harshly letting go of your arm.

"Tch, it's just you. Don't think just because Oyakata-sama asked us to treat you well means that my opinion of you will change." He glared at you while you tilted your head, seemingly unaffected by his harsh words. "Okay then? What are you doing here? Are you injured? Because I'm trying to find Aoi as well."

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