•A tap at the pane•

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A flashy sports car awaited my presence at the gate with the rigid form of Hot cop in the driver's seat. I hastily snatched the door open and got in.

"Where am I going?" I asked warily.

He started the ignition without bothering with a reply and the car immediately lurched forward. The tyres screeched noisily against the asphalt as a result of the sudden speed and I would have flown out of the windscreen if I hadn't clicked the seatbelt in place before Hot cop performed the stunt.

Bless God for the creation of seat belts!

The car sped on with its occupants engulfed in tense silence, I had a feeling that hot cop wanted to say something to me but something was stopping him.

I really should stop calling him 'hot cop'

"So..." I piped up in a bid to start up a conversation and lighten the tension evident in the closed space, "I never got to know your name."


"You know what I've been calling you since we met?"


"You won't believe that I've been calling you hot cop!" I chuckled nervously at my lame attempt at a joke but the man still didn't breathe a word out.

After a few more minutes of listening to the sound of silence, I decided to try again;

"Uhm... I hope I'm not spending the night in a police station? Because that'll mean I got a literal detention!"

Surprise! Surprise!


I noticed, by the ticking of his jaw, that he didn't appreciate my lame efforts to make him talk so I dropped it and focused on increasing the volume of the whispering radio to fill in the quietude.

It turned out that they were talking about the dangers of substance abuse. I stretched to change the station immediately. I wasn't ready to listen to such garbage.

After much tuning and turning, I settled on a music radio channel, Asa's moving had just begun playing.

I rested my head on the window, enjoying the symphony of the music and the scenery flashing by as the car rode on in celerity.

Despite the music being a love song of sorts, it'd always had the same effect on me whenever I listen to it.

I tend to reflect more about the past and today wasn't different. My reflection was on a not-so-distant past, along the lines of the drama that'd happened earlier in the day.

Somehow, I had been able to stand all the abuse and scorn thrown at me earlier, but now that it was just me alone with my thoughts, the emotions started to seep in. The words started to echo in my head and past and present started to interlude one another.

"...bitch..." it came back, the voice of those girls.

Bitch, was Liam's favorite nickname for me.

Bitch. Principal Lawrence had called me that earlier in the day.

"Bitch." I muttered to myself. It was beginning to sound like my name.

Where do you go
When you're by yourself
Who comes along
When you cry for help
I know I can't change the past
But as the river keeps flowing
I'll keep on moving on...

"Are you crying?"

I jolted in surprise at the sound of his voice. I really hadn't realised that the car had stopped moving until then.

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