nine: mission accomplished

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a/n: characters aren't mine. we get it. shoutout to @DrinnyFan1209. this was a shoutout i gave at the time, so it's still here don't worry <3



When Ginny woke up that morning ,she heard whispers all around her . She drew her curtains and saw her roommates whispering and pointing about her . "What's going on ?"She asked , commanding the attention of the girls dormitory.
Hermione looked sad ."I'm sorry , Gin .It's really bad ."
"What happened?"She asked sternly.
Hermione stayed silent and instead handed her a photo . Ginny took the photo with questioning eyes. She looked at the photo and gasped. It was a photo of her and Draco ,in each others embrace , kissing passionately. "Who has these?"She turned to Hermione.
"Everyone received them at the foot of their beds . I'm so sorry . The whole school knows." She spoke softly , she looked down so Ginny was unable to see the glee on her face .
"Oh my God!" Ginny had tears streaming down her face . "Who would do this ?" She hugged Hermione and sobbed on her shoulder. "I don't know ."Hermione said as she rubbed Ginny's back ." Maybe someone like Pansy Parkinson. She does have a crush on Draco ." She suggested. "Yeah ." Ginny said as she wiped her tears away.

In the Great Hall
Ginny walked in and all eyes went to her . Draco walked in the Great Hall and saw everyone looking at him and Gin."What are you staring at ?" He snarled and stalked off to the Slytherin table . Before he could sit down ,he was stopped by a very angry Ron Weasley . "YOU FERRET! HOW DARE YOU DATE MY SISTER ?"He screamed at Draco ,becoming more angry as the seconds went . Draco turned around and looked at Collin.
" You told?"he asked, clenching his fists .
"So it's true!" Harry stormed over to stand beside his best friend . "You don't deserve her !"
"No , I don't . But I love her and she loves me . Is that not enough ?" He said quietly .
"No ! You will never be enough for her and why would she love a slimy git like you ? She hates you so why would you think she loves you !" Harry screamed ,drawing his wand and pointing it at Draco's throat .
"No , stop!" Ginny ran infront of Draco before Harry shot the spell .
"Stupefy!" Harry shouted but instead of hitting Draco ,it hit Ginny . "Ginny!" Draco dropped to the floor and picked up Ginny's limp body . He stood up and drew his wand and pointed it at Harry . "Potter!"he snarled." You idiot! Furnunculus! " Boils appeared all over his body. He dropped back down to Ginny and whispered ," Enervate!" Ginny opened an eye and took a large swing of air . " Ginny !" He smiled ." You okay ?"
"This is my answer." Ginny reached up and attached her lips to his ,despite the whole hall's eyes on them . "Get your disgusting lips off my sister ,you little death eater !" Ron heaved Draco off Ginny ,straddled his waist and started punching him in the face . "Ronald ! Get off of him !" Ginny tried to pull him off Draco .Draco pushed Ron off him , sat up and cracked his jaw before walking out of the Hall with a sympathetic look to Ginny .

"Yes Boss ?"Collin said .
"Begin Phase 2. Phase 1 has gone great.
Mission Accomplished


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