The Confusion

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Abhimanyu POV

I can't believe I got rejected by a random girl , she didn't even bother to tell her name,she just came rejected me and went . Before I was just admiring her beauty but now am intrigued and pissed at the same time., though technically it was not me who got rejected cause I came as Akash but still I feel like she rejected me.

I directly went to meet Akash .As soon as I reached his place  ,I bursted without caring about anything " Who does she think she is?"

" Who,dude?"He asked me dumbly
" Who else the girl you asked me to meet ,she thinks she is so great that she can just come ,talk like she owns the place and go"
" Dude ,chill and tell me the full-
" I can't believe she rej-
"Will you please stop cutting me off and tell me fully what happened"he exclaimed.And then I narrated fully what happened ,at first he was listening patiently later he started laughing like a maniac ,I got pissed even more seeing his reaction.

" I can't believe the one and only Dr. Abhimanyu got rejected !" He was still laughing his ass off.I got so annoyed so I decided to check her details so I can show her what great mistake she did by messing with me.

As soon as I opened her details file ,I got shocked for two reasons for one the picture I am seeing right now is some other girl not the one I met earlier and for two ,if she is not the girl why did she ask me whether I am Mr. Akash and reject me....I am hell confused right now.

Seeing my reaction , Akash sobered and asked me " What's wrong?"
When I explained him everything ,you should have seen his reaction ,it was worth mocking but this is not the right time ,I need to know who is that mystery girl first.

"So Abhi,let me clarify ,you met my girl but she is not the one yet she pretended as her, right man" he commented the same thing once again about what happened and I nodded and I didn't miss his ' my girl' thing too , through I decided to ignore for now.

" There is something definitely wrong ,let me call her myself and find out" he stated and took his phone and I nodded
" Hey ,is this Shruthi speaking am Dr. Akash..."he introduced himself politely and I could hear some response from other side and he was listening patiently . Suddenly he exclaimed " what ,you too really did that ..." I am confused here ,who did what,I gestured him to put in speaker but he Shaked his head no and asked me to wait.

I raised my eyebrows , but that monkey ignored me completely and  was busy engrossed in his conversation and after his long call ,he looked at me and smirked.

"Explain " I just told him
" Man, am so happy thank god it's not Shruthi who rejected me ,oh not me it was you ,sorry both of us or whatever...." I asked him to explain and here he is blabbering like a fool and continued
" Apparently she also didn't want to settle down ,but was asked to meet me by her parents so just like me she set up her friend and that's who you met, her name is Sithara." So that fairy name is Sithara I see...did I say fairy, whats wrong with me she is a witch that's correct name for her.

" Man ,are you even listening , Shruthi already apologized for what happened and I said it's okay cause it's not like we were complete victims here,we were also part of this confusion Charade."what how can he causally say it's okay,it's me who got rejected by that witch.

" Look ,I am sorry man ,I know I pulled you into this mess but trust me I'll sort it out ,you chill okay moreover tomorrow you have a flight to catch remember".That's when I remembered I was busy in this stupid date meet that I completely forgot about all those.
" Akash, yeah you better sort it out otherwise let me handle that girl okay"That witch I wonder what I should do with her.

" Abhi, please no need ,don't do anything I promised Shruthi , nothing will happen to Sithara ,let this issue go man, I am sorry ,I take full responsibility." He literally begged me.I think he really likes that Shruthi otherwise Akash is not someone who convinces me not to do anything infact he'll support me to do something .

" Okay , just for your sake I am leaving this issue,if I ever cross paths with that girl ,no promises then I'll do whatever I want"I stated clearly

"Sure dude, no no you won't see her again trust me, let's talk something else okay".he tried diverting the topic.Let's see little witch if you are lucky or not cause next time we cross path it'll be me who wins ,I smirked evily.

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