(Qannen) very normal things that happen to people who live here

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Qannen: "OK fine you're not from a show. So tell me it."

Dzzahn: "Tell you it what."

Qannen [gesturing vaguely at Dzzahn]: "You. Your whole dumb thing."

Dzzahn: "Um."

Qannen: "Quick before I get bored."

Dzzahn: "Well, so. "My friends and I traveled a very long, difficult way to get here and,"

Qannen: "Wait friend-SUH? Plural? It's just you and dumb ol' what's his face."

Dzzahn: "No there were five of us when we started."

Qannen: "You haven't introduced me."

Dzzahn: "They didn't make it."

Qannen: "Didn't make enough content?"

Dzzahn: "Didn't make it through, alive. One got killed by bugs as soon as we got here-"

Qannen [laughing]: "Excuse? Killed by zonnys? That's not a thing anymore. Everyone knows this. They apologized."

Dzzahn: "I, no. Not by zonnys, the food supply. The only way into the city was through-"

Qannen [intensely sarcastic]: "Ooooh, I got killed by wild-crafted nootropic adaptogens. That's like...the opposite of how food works."

Dzzahn [deep breath]: "Anyways he died. Then one of us was killed in a dance battle, and then another was thrown into a wall by a bouncer at the Arena Mall."

Qannen: "Well that all sounds like very normal things that happen to people who live here but OK. So here's what I don't understand."

Dzzahn: "OK."

Qannen: "You and Grobey. What's the deal there, because it's not romantic or sexy at all. Despite my interest in seeing you make out."

Dzzahn: "No, we just, old friends. Kind of. Grew up together. Our families fought together."

Qannen: "You don't strike me as particularly adept fighters no offense. I mean you're getting killed by food and/or imaginary bugs."

Dzzahn: "At this point there's not much left to fight over. Things were already dying down when I was little."

Qannen: "Anyways so there's 5 of you and then there's 2 of you and then what."

Dzzahn: "Well we only had a vague outline of a plan. Mostly Rob, Grobe. It was his plan, I didn't even think we'd make it as far as we did. I thought: it'll be good to feel like I'm doing something, instead of nothing. I never thought about actually having to do anything, once we got here. If that makes sense."

Qannen: "I think about not having to do things all the time."

Dzzahn: "Even just getting here, to the city, that alone was like the most [shakes a series of harrowing memories off] difficult things I'd ever experienced. Until we got here. And then it was even worse."

Qannen: ""Got here.""

Dzzahn: "Right."

Qannen: "From "outside the city", from "the other side" of the "two-sided wall"."

Dzzahn: "Yes, see? This is it. This is part of why we came. To raise awareness. This is it exactly."

Qannen: Raise awareness of what.

Dzzahn: "That there's life outside this city. That there's a world out there. That the amount of resources you have here is totally unfair."

Qannen: "What's unfair. You get nothing and work for what you want. That's how resources work."

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