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I could not sleep that night and that afternoon I was feeling real guilty for judging Alicia when it was not my place to.

Luke 6:37

"Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven"

I called up Jace, deciding to head over to the club and apologize to Alicia since I didn't have her number.

"Yo Jace!" I said.

"Yeah bro? What you need?"

"Give me the address of the club. I needa take care of some business."

"I bet you got eyes for one of 'em, huh?"

"No, not really, but give me the address?"

"47 Southwest Boulevard"

"Alright holla at me later boi."

I hung up and hopped in the car, checking my watch.


I drove away, scanning the unfamiliar area in search of the club, hidden behind a big oak and personally, I thought it was a waste of money buying a big ol sign when you can't even see it.

I got out the car and after being patted down by security, was greeted by a dark skinned man wearing an all white suit and gold chains.

"Whadaya want heya yungin?" He said but I could barely understand due to his thick Jamaican accent.

"I'm looking for a girl named... Cinnamon?"

"Ah that gyall cinamon ey bwaah go da thata hallway and turn left 2 das dan."

I took that and walked around aimlessly, looking at the names on every room door until I got to number 6 : Bubbles, Cinnamon, CookieMonsta

I knocked on the door a couple times but nobody answered.


I was about to leave for work when the phone rang. The caller ID showed up as a collect call number, and I wondered who would still be using a PayPhone this day and age. Curiously, I answered.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Iss thiss mahh lovelyy daughtaa Leeshaa?"

"Mom?!" I asked. "Where are you?"

"I d-dont actually know. I thinkk I wass attt Kennethhh housee."

"Mom don't tell me you've started using crack again!" I said, tears starting to come to my eyes.

"Onlyy ahh lahh bitt."

"Mom! What about the rehab?"

"Nahh huntyy t-t-that white lady kept critacisin meh, Listen Baybehh, I'm gonna go, but when ya get tha chance, send meh some moneyyy okay?"

The phone cut off and I sat there drowning in my thoughts and crying.

My mom was everything to me when I was little. She was my right hand, my life coach. But one day somebody drugged her at work and she hasn't been right since. She suffered lots of Brain Damage and had a baby with some guy she didn't even know, which was my little brother. He got missing at age 3 and they found his body at the bottom of the river. That was when my mom nose dived and suffered from PTSD and started using drugs. I always try to help her whenever I can but she keeps using money for drugs and I can't help her anymore. Its really sad and she lost everything but she moved away and I can't do anything for her anymore.

I jumped into my car, checking that it was 7:00 and arrived at 7:35, seeing that I was late and one of the few working tonight's shift because honestly, nobody goes to the club on Thursday nights.

I opened the door, greeted by the manager, Azibo. He is super funny, like an older brother and his jamaican accent cracks me up.

"Aya baybehh, ah lah high yella bwa came bah askin for yah."

"Who?" I asked, racking my brain for anyone who I had been in contact with.

"Suma wanabeh whiiddee bwaa. He waitin fer ya nah. Gwan , if heh tryta pulla fast wan call meh buss a shot pun em."

I laughed and walked to my dressing room stopping halfway.

"Hakim Williams?" I asked, confused why he was here. "The club opens at 8, and you can't be back here."

"Well thanks for asking. I'm doing fine." He said sarcastically. "Anyways, I'm here to invite you to my church this Sunday. The service starts at 10. I just wanted to apologize for treating you so rudely."

I hesitated.

"I'll think about it." I said, walking into my dressing room and shutting the door.


Sorry for the short chapter. Keep reading though because I've got a lot of new interesting ideas. Please tell people to read this so I can get more reads and votes.

Azibo is gonna be in the book a lot! Imma try to make him a funny character!

Pic of Jace- Aint he cute??!

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