It was much harder to ignore the growing ache in my chest due to the absence of my mate during the night.

The dark company that the night brought gave me time to think. And that meant I had time to think of Marcus.

My mate, who was currently a hunded miles away from me.

I sighed, I had never felt more restless during the night.

Getting out of my sheets, I left the building, my hand trailing along the stone walls, watching it glow as it lit my path.

Under each step I took, the rock glowed, warming my bare feet.

The building itself wasn't made from the rock, but most of it was covered in a thin layer of it.

When I made it outside, the warm air fanned my skin, I took a deep breath.

Sleeping couldn't get rid of my thoughts, but I knew one thing that would.


Throwing my hands infront of me, I gazed, entranced as I watched the flames lick up into the air like a fountain.

The flames dropped as I was grabbed from behind, my arms twisted painfully behind my back, I couldn't detect what it was that was binding me, but the fact that I could no longer use my fire powers, I guessed it was silver.

It didn't burn me like it would a shifter, it just took away my advantage.

It took me another moment to realise who I was bound by, the ignis Beta, Callum.

"Callum? What are you doing?" I breathed.

"Shut up." He hissed, the wolf that had been so kind to me on my first day had abruptly turned againt me.

I realised that my powers were not working, I must be bound in silver.

Silver did not hurt me like it would a wolf, but it stopped me using my powers.

Similarly, I noticed that all the other elementals were bound up, unable to use their powers, restricted.

Each beta had turned against them, yanking us by our hair until a young girl stepped forward.

It seemed we were at the center of the natura pack, a place i had not been shown before, the place where all the elements met.

The young girl that couldn't have been more than 13 shook as she went to the middle of the scene, judging by the look of betrayal on Adam's face, i guessed she was from his pack.

She stood in the center and mumbled some words, it was then that she knelt down and lifted a hidden trapdoor, concealed by rocks, she lifted it, revealing a spiralling staircase.

As though it had been planned, which i had no doubt that it had been, each elemental was led one by one down the staircase.

After Callum led me down, he threw me with disgust into a dark cell, locking the doors behind me.

I gasped, there was nothing I could do.

I had no powers. No wolf.

In this chamber I was utterly human. And that meant I was powerless.

In the corner of the room was the only source of light, a single flame.

As I looked at the other cells the elementals were thrown into, i noticed something similar in each room, one had a dish of water, one a tree sapling, the other had a small gap in the wall, fresh air.

"It should have been me." Was the only sentance, seething with hatred, that was uttered to me by Callum.

After that, all of them left, shutting off the trapdoor, leaving us alone.

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