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"Goodmorning Mr. Park!" one of my students greeted me.

I just bow in response. I don't feel like speaking today. I don't have enough of sleep since I was working in my lesson plans last night. There's a new transferee too so I have to organize his documents.

I found out that he's a crossdresser, which is really shocking. Well, we accept gay people here in our campus but a crossdresser will be new to our community.

'What does he look like anyways?'

He didn't submit any 1 by 1 pics on his requirments so I have no idea how he looks. What's so unique about this guy- I mean gay? He's going to be under my class for this year, hopefully we can get along.

I finally reach my room and was greeted by the loud noise of students laughing, talking, and shouting to each other. Ehh I'm already used to this.


All of them quickly stand up ans greeted me. I told them to sit down and be quiet for a moment. I notice that the transferee is not here yet.

"Mr. Park! Is it true that we have a transferee?" one of my students asked.

"Yes and you better treat him right"

"Ohhh he's a boy?" Another asked.

"Yes but he's a....a crossdresser"

Some are shocked, some are smirking. Those who are shock are the girls while the boys are the one smirking. Are they into gay people? Or do they just want a crossdresser?.

"Damn I would like to see him"

"Dude I thought you already have Tiffany?"

"Nah he's a bitch"

"If he's thicc damn he's mine"

"That sounds gay dude"

"Eh I'm a dom gay so fuck off"

More whispers are heard on the back. What the hell are they talking about? I better look oitfor the transferee. Seems like these jerks are planning something.

"I'm sorry I'm late....there's a jerk who wants me to give him a blowjob" a voice said.

And damn did I just get hard?



"Yoongi sweetie! Are you up?" my mom ask.

"Yes Mom! I'm just putting on my uniform!"

"Make sure wear the one I but you! It will look good on you!"


I quickly put on the skirt and long sleeve shirt that my mom bought me. She's right, I look sexy. I'm a crossdresser, yep you read that right. I'm also gay but my mom supports me while my dad already died.

I'm the one who decided that I should transfer school. I can't stand my previous schools' rules and the teachers are the worst. They even try to harass me when no one is looking.

"Hope my first day will be nice..." I sais to myself.

I quickly ho down to eat my breakfast. My Mom is a good cook. I will never get tired of eating his foods, they are the tastiest. My Dad was once a police officer but he died in one of his operations.

"Honey I think you should wear some panties from now on" my Mom said, I almost choked on my food.

"Mom what!?" I burst out.

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