Chapter Four: Eaten by a Wild Predator

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"Where's Jayden and Gaby?" I ask. Luke is about to answer as Jayden pulls in the driveway with Gaby in the passenger seat.  

"Where are we going?" Gaby asks rather excited.

"To a abandoned house."I answer as Lou creeps a hand on Vani's shoulder and she screams. 

"Lou! Do that once more and you are dead." Vani  threatens. 

We get in Luke's Jeep with Jayden in shotgun. Gaby,Sus and Vani are seated in the middle with Lou and I at the back.I notice Vani fiddling with her fingers,a gesture she does when she is afraid.

When we reach the place the sky holds a purple hue making it darker than the time when we left home. 

We all head to the house with I and Sus at the front. All others walk just behind us as Vani clings to Luke's arm as if something would jump on her at that instant.

As Lou pushes the door,it opens with a creaking sound.The amount of dust in the two storeyed building let's us know that no one has lived in it for long.

We turn on our flashlights and take in the view. Everything seems at it's place.

"This place looks like the people living here left suddenly." Gaby states.

"Maybe they all just disappeared."Lou laughs and Vani squeaks.

"They must have been eaten by a wild predator." Luke says 

"We aren't in the middle of a jungle,idiot! That's not possible" Sus remarks.

All of a sudden Jayden yells "Holy shit! Maybe Luke is correct.Look at this!"We all reach over where he is standing and look over where he is pointing his flashlight.There are large footprints which seem to belong to a large creature as i assume by it's size.

"We shouldn't be here. Let's get out !"Vani jumps up and starts complaining. 

"They are leading upstairs." I announce.

"Let's follow them." Lou says.

"I don't wanna get eaten! " Vani whispers.

Suddenly there is a loud sound from upstairs.As all of us snap our head towards the sound.A huge human like creature covered with mud Stands at the top of the stairs.

"G-Guys can you see that?"Gaby asks in a frightened voice.

"RUN!" Vani yells as it steps down the stairs one at a time.

We sprint out of the creaking door and out of the lawn and jump into Luke's car. Luke inserts the key and presses the accelerator. But the car wouldn't budge.

As i turn around the creature is walking towards us with heavy steps and it is growling. As vani turns around and takes in the scene she screams at the top of her lungs.

"Drive fast! What the fuck are you doing? It's coming near." Gaby yells

" I'm gonna die.We all are gonna die.This is the end" I yell and scoot away from the window.

As the creature growls again,the Jeep starts and we drive off barely missing it.

We all sigh in relief as we reach my house. "Hey dear! What took you so long?" My mom asks us. 

"We just bet death Mrs.Torris." Gaby exclaims.

"Yes! Ella and Nev were screaming and Vani nearly fainted."Jayden exclaims.

My mother chuckles  and informs us that dinner is ready as we all sit around the table to eat and El,Riley and Dad join us.


I return from school and see mom and dad packing their bags.

"Oh Neveah! You're back."Mum states

"We have to go to  a very important business meet. We will be back in a week though.TIll then take care honey." Mum says

"I have left a spare key to Parker. Call him if you need something. And don't let El cook.I don't want the house almost burned like last time." Dad chuckles and El scrunches his nose.

Parker is our neighbour.He is a tall,muscular and responsible guy. I have known him for as long as i can remember. He is like a big brother to me.

I and El wave our parents goodbye. As i close the door El starts rambling." A week Nev! We can prank call everyday. Don't worry for the numbers,i will manage that.This is gonna be fun"  El exclaims happily jumps up and down.

"Yeah,we are gonna call a lot of people." I state and shake my head at his excitement as i run upstairs.


Hello everyone.

Happy Eid to everyone celebrating! 


Stay safe.


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