Chapter Four: Eaten by a Wild Predator

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An image or representation of the house they went to at the top

People are like stories.Different Kinds, Different durations, Different endings...

Laying across my bed and facing the wall with a poster  'The best is yet to come' ,i can hear the music playing in my headphones as i read one of the many novels i have collected in the past few years.

Books have always been my companion,they take me to a world of their own. I believe that every story affects your thoughts and imagination in their own unique way. 

I feel at peace when suddenly i feel someone tugging at my comforter behind me. El, You better leave me alone and run before i chase you and stab you with a knife!" I threaten without turning back. Eventually the pulling stopped.

I indulged back in the book

It's a tale that the branches weave and the sun adds to it. It's our tale.

As i close the book feeling content i feel a light tugging again."El,How can you be so annoying?" I ask turning around.

But to my suprise El is nowhere to be seen. Instead I witness a small hand gently tugging at the sheets.

"Riley!Hey Junior!" I exclaim at the six year old."Hey Senior" She looks up at me with a warm smile. 

She had wore a dark blue dungaree and a stripped white and black top beneath. I and Lou had known each other for almost our whole life.So, i have a very special relation with his sister. Riley and i bond over our love for food. 

I pick her up and she chuckles holding onto me. As i head downstairs i hear loud noises from what seems like a lot of people. I instantly know what's happening downstairs.

My eyes instantly follow the loud noises and i see Lou and my Dad sitting on the couch as they yell at the screen watching a match.

"They don't hear you all!" I say to them as Riley runs into the kitchen. Lou rolls his eyes at me and turns back to cursing the television.

Vani is sitting near the kitchen island with her head on it looking bewildered as i sit beside her.     "What is up with you?" I ask her.

"Lou's parent's are going out of town so Riley is here for the night.He literally pulled me out of my sleep and drove straight to your house! " She groans.

"So what are we gonna do today?" I ask her handing her a cup of hot chocolate.

"I don't know. Lou does but it's better be worth missing my series."

Lou enters the kitchen swirling his car key in his fingers."Let's go!"He exclaims.

"Where?" I and Vani ask in unison.

"The abandoned house we found a month ago." He exclaims and Vani jumps up.We had found this creepy looking house when we were merely driving along the city. It looks as if no one had lived there for many years.

"We are gonna go inside that house?" Vani frantically asks. Did i tell you Vani is scared from ghosts and haunted places..No? Well she is but she pretends as if she isn't.

"Yeah.We may find some dead or deceased souls in there." I say and it is enough for Vani to freak out.

"I was thinking that we should just watch a movie today as it is getting dark." She says

"NO!" I and Louie yell at the same time and drag her to the car.

I call and inform Sus,Luke,Jayden and Gaby about our plan. "We should take Luke's jeep then." Lou states. We reach Luke's place and Sus and Luke are standing at the doorway.

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