Tony Stark x Reader

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A/N: Ok warning this has some BDSM in it so if this sort of thing bothers you please do not read. Ok Enjoy!

Warnings: BDSM, Spanking, Smut, Swearing


It was date night for you and Tony, your absolute favorite night of the week. It was the one night a week you could spend time together away from everyone in the compound and every week without a fail Tony spoils you. You decide to wear his favorite lacey lingerie as ninety nine percent of the time date night ends with the two of you in bed together. You also decide to dress up a little because knowing Tony he has made reservations at the fanciest restaurant in town, he loves you in the color red, so you decide to wear your red body con dress. Tony walks into the room you share together as you finish putting on your dress "damn (Y/N) let's just skip dinner all together" he says whilst licking his lips. You walk up to him and straighten up his tie "there will be plenty of time for that later" you say with a smirk. It was definitely a good idea to wear this dress.

*Skip to after dinner*

You had just finished a lovely dinner with Tony, and he was eager to get you home, you had spent most of the time teasing him a little and getting him excited for what's to come. As he was speeding home a cheeky idea popped into your head and you decided to get him even more excited for the night, you placed your hand on his thigh rubbing it slowly moving closer and closer to his cock. Tony's breath hitched as you finally placed your palm on his member you start rubbing him and you can feel him getting harder and harder beneath your hand. Your hand moves to his belt buckle slowly undoing it, you make it known you are taking your time but going even slower to undo his button and zipper, once his pants were undone you slipped his hard cock out from his boxers. You grip his pulsing cock, Tony's breath and slowly you let your hand slide up and down his length. Tony could not take it anymore he pulled over you decide to tease him some more you lean over to the driver's seat and you use your tongue to lick the base of his cock and slowly glide it up till you reach the tip. You swirl your tongue around the tip still not taking it in your mouth, Tony becomes inpatient wrapping his fingers in your head pushing your head down. You finally wrap your lips around his length and start sucking "Oh fuck" Tony breathes out his head falling back into the car seat. You loved seeing him like this you loved to pleasure him you continue sucking and you hum around his cock as you know this is his weakness and what sends him over the edge. You feel him twitch in your mouth signaling he was reaching his high, you pick up the pace and start pumping the base of his length he release his load into your mouth and you swallow every drop of it. You sit back up and without saying anything Tony does up his pants and speeds off home.

Once you reach the compound Tony waste no time taking you to your bedroom and you could not help but be excited for what's about to come. Tony slams the door to your bedroom turns to face you and smashes his lips to your, his hands roaming your body you can't help but moan into his lips letting him know just how eager you are for him. Your hands reach up to the buttons on his shirt and you waste no time undoing them desperate to get it off, while his hands are roaming your back reaching for the zipper on your dress. In no time your dress is off leaving you in just your bra, panties and heels. You finally get the last of his buttons undone ripping his shirt off and your hands waste no time touching his perfectly toned stomach and chest. Tony finally breaks the kiss, giving you an opportunity to breath "get on the bed" he demanded his eyes filled with lust. You do as your told and climb on the bed, "Wait for me and don't move until I get back" he commands. You find yourself getting more excited with each passing moment as you love when Tony becomes dominant in the bedroom, he walks into the walk in wardrobe you share and two minute later returns wearing nothing but grey sweat pants and is carrying rope and a leather whip. The sight of him turns you on even more and you can feel the wetness forming in your panties, "You think it's funny to tease me (Y/N)?" he asks, whilst grabbing your hands and tying them to the post of the beds. You remain silent biting your lip, he lightly trails the whip down your body until he reaches the inside of your thigh "Answer me" he demands lifting the whip and spanking the inside of your thigh, you cry out in pleasure. "Do you think it's funny to tease me (Y/N)?" he asks again, this time you answer "no sir" you say quietly.

He hits you again with the whip and once again you cry out in pleasure, "you will not cum until I tell you to" Tony commands, you nod your head and reply with a "yes sir". Tony climbs onto the bed and unhooks your bra leaving your chest completely exposed your nipples hardening with pleasure and anticipation, he then moves down to your panties and slowly removes them lifting up your leg he begins kissing your ankle, he slowly makes his way up your leg and inner thigh. With every kiss he plants on your soft sensitive skin you can feel the wetness grow; you want him bad. "Please Tony" you beg he just smirks and continues to slowly move up your legs, you buck your hips forward signaling that you want him, that just earns you another hit with the whip.

He finally reaches your wet pussy; he takes his tongue and gives you one long lick over your clit and you moan out in pleasure. You want nothing more than to touch him, but the restraints stop you from doing that, you arch your back. "Fuck, yes" you moan out as you feel his tongue flick over your clit. The sensation is amazing he then connects his lips to your clit lightly sucking, you can't help but moan as you feel the knot in your stomach growing at a rapid speed. You feel a finger entering "fuck ,fuck,fuck" you cry out after a few pumps he adds a second one the room is filled with your moans and you don't know how much longer you can hold on. A third finger enters, and he pumps in and out of you at a rapid speed, his tongue flicking your clit the feeling is overwhelming and you can't hold on any longer. "Tony I'm going to cum" you breath out and just before you reach your high he pulls his fingers out of you and removes his mouth, "Not yet baby" he says, he licks his fingers clean from your juices and lines himself up. "Are you ok baby girl?" he asks making sure you are ok, you nod "Please just fuck me Tony" you say not able to take the anticipation anymore. He doesn't need to be asked twice, he slams his cock in you and you cry out in complete bliss, "fuck" he moans out. His pumps are hard and fast and all you can do is moan not caring who could hear you right. Before long he stops and pulls himself out of you, he reaches above your head and unties your hands from the bed. "Turn around and get on your hands and knees" he commands, "Yes sir" you obey quickly doing what he says.

He lines himself up again and slams into you without any warning, "Oh fuck!" you scream out and he picks up the pace slamming in and out of you, He spanks you and you moan "does that feel good" his husky voice asks all you could do is nod, he spanks you again "I can't hear you" he says while he is still slamming in and out of you. You can feel the know growing in your stomach again "Yes sir" you say answering his question.

"Please sir let me cum" you beg a you can feel how close you are, "Not yet baby girl wait for me" he says and he continues to thrust in and out of you hard and deep. You are trying to hold it in, but you need to cum, "Please" you beg again you can feel yourself getting closer. his thrust are getting sloppier and slower, "Ok cum for me baby" he says giving you permission to let you of the orgasm you have been holding. Your legs shake with pleasure and you feel your walls tightening around him, you've never felt anything like this before. You feel him release his hot load into you, you both ride out your orgasms together before he pulls out of you.

You both fall to the bed, breathless. "That was amazing" you managed to say in between breaths. You both clean yourself up and get into bed, he pulls you onto his chest and kisses your forehead. "I love you (Y/N) he whispers and you both drift off to sleep. 

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