Part 25 ; Unexpected

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The words spoken by Lisa have attracted a lot of people in the Jungkook council, including members of Jungkook's family and friends who attended the ceremony. Y/n began to feel uneasy about what Lisa was about to say.

But it also made Jimin feel uneasy after seeing Lisa smirk at Y/n from afar. What is she trying to do now, and why is she suddenly trying to speak in front of all these reporters?

"Thank you to all the guests who were able to attend the Ceo Jeon ceremony tonight and I, the assistant to Ceo Jeon, wish to extend a special thank you to Ceo Jeon and all present guests."

Taehyung placed his wine glass on the table next to him after hearing Lisa's words to all the guests. What is she trying to convey to everyone here? And Taehyung watches Jimin flirt with Y/n not far from him. His feelings of anger and jealousy began to consume him gradually.

"Now, I give my heartfelt thanks to all the people and journalists who are in front of me now. " Lisa smiled at Jungkook before she could continue her speech to everyone. "I've been pregnant with Ceo Jeon's baby for 9 weeks now."

As the event unfolded after hearing Lisa's shocking remarks and reporters' questions began to trickle down to Lisa as reporters took pictures of Lisa on stage.

"Did you have a secret relationship with Ceo Jeon?"

"How long has your relationship with Ceo Jeon been?"

"How can you conceive Ceo Jeon's child?"

"Are you with Ceo Jeon going to a wedding after finding out about your pregnancy?"

Startled by what Lisa had just presented on the stage, the glass that Y/n held onto the floor collapsed. Why is he playing with my feelings again? "Y/n, listen to my explanation first. it's not what you think" Jungkook said as he tried to regain Yuna's trust.

"The party is over now!!" said Jungkook's father as he yelled at all the guests attending the event. "Y/n, Trust me! She's trying to trap me!" But Jungkook's allure to Y/n is futile. "Until when do you want to deny the truth?!" Jungkook tries to hold Y/n's hand but Jimin prevents Jungkook from doing so.

"Why should Y/n be touched by someone as disgusting as you?" Jungkook was a bit surprised by Jimin's actions towards him. Y/n doesn't think that Jungkook still hasn't changed from his bad attitude. "People like you are still struggling to get rid of bad habits." Jimin said in a sarcastic tone. "Let's go, Y/n" Said Jimin to Y/n. But, they were suddenly attacked by reporters.

"Mrs Y/n, do you know about your ex-husband's relationship with his assistant Lisa all this time?"

"Is this the real cause of your divorce and the cause of your miscarriage a year ago?"

"Can we find out why Ceo Jeon sued you so high during the divorce hearing a year ago?"

"Do you accept the fact that Ceo Jeon's mistress is pregnant now that you have failed to give Ceo Jeon the heir of Jeon's Group?"

"Ceo Jeon, is this the real cause of your divorce?"

"Enough!! I won't answer all your questions! The rumors you just heard are fake!!" Jungkook said as he yelled at reporters. Y/n feels very angry and does not want to accept what Jungkook told reporters. Why does he still want to deny the statement a year ago?!!!


Everyone who saw Y / n slap Jungkook began to lose their words and freezer for a moment. "Are you saying the rumors are fake? You mean, My miscarriage because you cheat on me a year ago is fake?! I was about to die for not being able to accept my own miscarriage all this time but are you glad to say, all of this is fake?"

Y/n didn't care about the reporters who started taking their pictures and Jungkook was just a freezer looking at his face. "What kind of person are you? I didn't expect that you are worse than animals." Y/n said without acknowledging Jungkook's feelings and Jungkook's good image as Ceo. "Y/n~??"

"Ceo Park, do you know about this, too? What's Ceo Park's relationship with Mrs.Y/n?" Ask one of the reporters to Jimin. "I will not answer any questions that involve personal matters." Jimin said firmly to all reporters who were interviewing them. Some reporters came to Taehyung and interviewed him too.

"We heard that Ceo Kim is a bit close to Mrs.Y/n" Taehyung was also shocked when several reporters came to him suddenly. "Is this true rumor about Ceo Kim proposing to Y/n before?" Taehyung was a bit uncomfortable with one of the reporters' questions.

"I hate being interviewed on such personal matters" Y/n looked at Taehyung after hearing his voice. Why is this a mess? And where do reporters know all this? "Once again when asked about personal matters, I would not hesitate to sue all reporters here!" Taehyung said in a firm tone.

"I don't know where you all know about these personal matters but I appeal to all, please don't write unreasonable art about the four of us." Jimin spoke suddenly to all reporters who were interviewing them. "If I find out something is unsatisfactory, I'll sue the company of all the reporters who are here, okay?" Said Jimin to all reporters.

"through what Ceo Park said just now, are the three of you struggling to get Mrs.Y/n's love?" Ask one of the reporters to arrive suddenly to Jimin, Jungkook and Taehyung.

Y/n's love?" Ask one of the reporters to arrive suddenly to Jimin, Jungkook and Taehyung

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To Be Continued

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To Be Continued...

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