eight: won't know what hit them

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"Ginny, can we talk?" Hermione sat down opposite her friend. Ginny nodded, slightly apprehensive but allowed her to speak all the same.
"I'm really sorry. What I said, I had no right. If you want to be with Malfoy, I don't agree but it's your business. Can we ... start over?" The sincerity in her voice made Ginny stop,

Ginny sighed, eventually breaking into an uneasy smile. She'd missed Hermione. The redhead nodded her assent, but gave her a stern look. "No judging me any more, and no controlling me, okay?" Hermione nodded.

Ginny finally let out a laugh, crushing her friend in a hug. Hermione squeezed her back.
It was good to have her friend again. Everything felt complete again.



Ginny walked into the common room and ran to Hermione . " 'Mione , if I tell you this , promise you won't freak out or tell anyone ,okay ?" Ginny asked . " Depends ." Hermione said ,skeptical.
" No ,then I'm not telling you !" She was about to leave ." Wait ! " Ginny raised an eyebrow . " I promise."
"Okay." Ginny became excited once again. "Draco asked me to be his girlfriend !" Hermione's eyes widened. "Wow. Does he love you ?"
"Yes ! He told me and he gave me this ." She held her hair back and it was a necklace with a serpent and lion next to eachother . Hermione gaped at it ,shocked that Malfoy would put that much thought and effort into a present for a Weasley. " That's great ,Gin !" Hermione became just as excited as Ginny. "I can't believe you have a boyfriend! " She shrieked . " I know !" They screamed and giggled . They were so happy when all of a sudden
"Just let me in ,you stupid lady !" A male voice came.
" No password , no entry ." The Fat Lady stated firmly .
"I just want to see my girlfriend !"
"I don't believe that a worthy Gryffindor would date a slimy Slytherin such as yourself !"
"Open the door!" The person shouted.
"Put your wand away !"
"I just want to see Ginerva Weasley !" The voice said that Ginny now identified as Draco Malfoy. Ginny left the common room and took the still shouting Draco away from the scared portrait . "Draco ,what are you doing here ?Anyone could have seen or heard you !" Ginny looked worried . Draco gave her a peck and framed her face with his hands ."I'm sorry ,baby. I just wanted to see you .I don't care if anyone sees us , I love you Ginerva Molly Weasley ."
" I love you too Draconis Lucius Malfoy." She kissed him ."Hey Ginn- GINNY!" Draco and Ginny hastily pulled back to see Collin Creevey . "Collin ,please don't tell anyone about this." Ginny pleaded .
"So you can turn me down when I told you my feelings but you can date this scum."he pointed at Draco ."Collin.." Ginny's voice broke . " I'm done ."he shook his head and left .
"Do you think he'll tell?" Ginny asked ,biting her nails nervously .
"I don't know." Draco replied honestly.
He kissed her again and they heard a camera shutter . "Did you hear that ?" Draco said . "Yeah ,we better go ."

"Boss ,it's done . They don't suspect a thing . " a hooded figure spoke into the phone .
"Good . "The voice purred from the other line ."You know what to do ."
"Yes . They're in for a ride .
They won't know what hit them ."


Who is the hooded figure ? Will Collin tell ? What was the noise that they heard ? Find out in Chapter 9 !Toodles!

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