Chapter 25: Clove

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I wake up to Cato watching me sleep. I look at him awkwardly and he smiles sleepily.

"Morning Clover" he says grabbing my hands in his. I smile and kiss him passionately.

"Why do you love me?" I ask cuddling into his muscular chest. He chuckles at me and I frown.

"Because you're my Clover" he says sweetly. I shake my head and I look at him unsatisfied.

"Anything else? A real reason maybe?" I ask staring into his icy blue eyes. He smiles and shrugs.

"Maybe because you're beautiful, in and out. You're strong in a special kind of way. You're caring but very independent" he starts

"I love you Cato Hadley" I say sweetly looking deep into his eyes. He smiles and kisses my forehead.

I get out of bed and get some clean clothes on. I fell asleep with yesterday's clothes so I got a new pair of government issued clothes. I slip them on quickly and step out. Cato walks to the bathroom and I hear water running.

I look through my stuff and find what I was actually looking for. The knives, the ones I might have stolen from 13. The ones from my house are still wrapped around my waist, but 13's are also cool. I play with them in my hand and try to find a surface to throw at. The walls are 3 inch thick solid stone, not a stick-able material. I see a small patch of drywall and get ready to throw. Cato walks in and I quickly try to hide the knives.

"You little thief" Cato says laughing. I look at floor as heat rises to my cheeks. He smiles and grabs my jaw. He makes it so he is the only I can look at him and gives me a chastising look. I smile weakly and he kisses my forehead.

"You want to go train?" I ask pulling out the knives from the large pockets in my pants. He smiles and nods. We walk hand in hand to the training room and I smile when I see all the equipment. Cato smirks and we run to the knife throwing station. I practice throwing, which I haven't done in forever and I still haven't lost my magic touch.

"Good job Clove" Cato says hugging me almost too tightly. He looks at me concerned and lets go. I smile and we turn to the door as a knock startles us both.

"Who is it?" Cato asks loudly, trying to be nice but he sounds annoyed more than anything. Boggs walks in and I smile.

"What did you need?" I ask calmly trying to calm Cato down with me. Cato finally un-tenses and I smile up at him.

"Plutarch needs to see you" he says calmly but sternly. I follow him and Cato of course needs to go. He holds my waist and it actually starts to hurt. His grips slacks and his hands just rest on my hips as we walk.

"Hello Clove" Plutarch says formally as he shakes my hand, as if we haven't met before. I hold in a small laugh and sit next to Cato, across from Plutarch and Coin.

"We were wondering" Coin starts slowly which starts to make me nervous "Have you written your poem or song for the propos?" she asks carefully. I look up at Cato who seems even more nervous than me. I nod.

"I did" I say proudly "but they were left in the Capitol" I say sadly. They all nod and Plutarch seems to be trying to figure out what to do.

"I can remember most of it" I say trying to recall the lyrics "The biggest problem is a melody to sing it to?" I start to really think and Cato whispers a song I completely forgot about. I nod and think about the Pack Song.

"The Pack Song!" I yell happily "How did that go? The Pack it grows day by day" I start to mutter because I can't remember and Cato laughs at me.

"Okay so you can do it?" he asks not too sternly, more carefully than anything. I nod smiling happily "Please report back here in an hour. We'll take you to the woods to film it" I nod.

"Cato can we go get food?" I ask as we slowly file out. He nods and walks me to the mess hall.

"I know we're off schedule but we were in a meeting with Coin" Cato explains to one of the cooks. She shakes her head and reluctantly brings us a sandwich each. I eat the tasteless mystery meat until only crumbs remain on my plate.

 "Wow, you like those" Cato says astonished. I shake my head and he chuckles lightly. After lunch we walk to his room and I sit on his bed as he goes to get dressed.

"Why do you love me?" Cato asks as he walks out slowly slipping his shirt on. I smile and try to formulate a poetic answer.

"Let's see, you're tough and smart. You're a different kind of strong and you're just slightly amazing" I say sweetly. He smiles and rolls his eyes.

"Cato, Clove are you in there?" I hear a familiar voice call. I smile and open the door to my little brother. I hug him tightly and we giggle.

I feel like crying. I haven't seen him laugh let alone smile since I went back into my Games. He walks up to Cato and they hug slightly less dramatically.

"Wait? What are you going here?" I ask carefully. Martiall shrugs.He tells me he was bored and he wanted to see Dagger. I nod show him the knives I stole from the training room. He smiles in awe at them and I laugh.

"We have to go Clove" Cato says and I look at him nervously. We walk hand in hand and Martiall splits half way to the meeting room.

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