Chapter 10

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Hi, Society

Hey Upper East Siders, it's that time of year again. When the mere act of descending a staircase means you're a woman. That's right: Debutante season. And from what we hear, there's been some changes to the lineup.

"I'm actually glad I'm going with Prince Theodore instead of Nate." Blair spoke as she, Serena and Anna walked down the busy streets of Manhattan on their way to dance class. "The further we get from the break up the more self involved I see he was. Always so brooding, so tortured. Ugh. A girl wants Romeo, not Hamlet."

"Romeo died." Anna pointed out to her brunette friend about the death of the historic figure she was referring too.

"Yeh, but he died for something exciting. And I want my debutante ball to be something to die for." Blair commented causing the three girls to laugh. "All I get with Nate is some rosé in the back of a town car. But with the Prince I get a security detail and a high speed chase to the Pierre after."

"Oh I can see you on the cover of Hello already." Serena replied to Blair smiling.

"Is your mom mad that you're not being presented?" Anna asked Serena as they continued their walk, getting closer to their destination.

"Well she doesn't really have a leg to stand on since I found out she used to be my boyfriend's father's biggest fan."

"Yeh." The other two teens replied.

"Ew. It sounds so gross when you say it out loud." Serena cringed at the thought of her and Dan's parents being together.

"And here we were thinking you actually might wanna go." Blair spoke up as they stepped across a crack in the sidewalk.

"Well I'm here for you both aren't I." Serena reminded her best friends as they neared the studio.

"Yes, only because your grandmother's meeting you here." Anna told the blonde as they headed into the Prescott Dance Studio.

Once they were all inside and everything was set up it didn't take long for the dance practice to begin. Which was a slow but painful death. The dancing was slow and simple, if you were used to the dance and it's steps. Growing up on the Upper East Side meant Cotillion classes and proper manners from the day they could walk.

Before Constance and St. Jude's there was Saturday morning Cotillion classes and they went on for hours and hours. Only the best for the children of the filthy rich.


After the class was over Anna found herself back in her bedroom laying on her back on her bed with a certain brunette boy on top of her.

"You looked pretty hot on William Page's arm today." Chuck commented as he pulled away from the kiss.

"Is that all I am to you is an accessory?" Anna asked back with sass as she looked up at Chuck.

"On his arm, yes. On mine, so much more." With that Chuck flipped them over so Anna was on top of him, looking down on the brown eyed boy.

"Yes, but I can't be on you, remember?" Anna reminded him of the secrecy. "Because you don't want our parents to find out. You don't want anyone finding out. But you have to learn to behave yourself first."

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