Chapter II: Caged and Ready to be Free

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"Loneliness is my least favorite thing about life. The thing that I'm most worried about is just being alone without anybody to care for or someone who will care for me"  (Anne Hathaway) 


Y/N awoke covered in sweat from head to toe, her sheets sticking to her, reminding her that yet again she awoke from another nightmare. She attempted to calm her labored breaths and reached to her right where her phone was plugged in.

5/19/2016 6:30am....

She scoffed and threw her phone back on the bed then put her head in her hands. 11 years later and I still can't get that damn day outta my head she thought to herself. Y/N tried to lay back down and close her eyes, but the same recurring memory of her first kill that dreadful day popped back into her head. She gave up on going back to sleep like she has for the past 11 years and got herself out of bed, attempting to get ready for the day. When she was younger, she used to look forward to her birthday, the only day of the year when she had her parent's undivided attention. However, after her 7th birthday, she dreaded every year when her birthday came. Today, she turned 18, the age at which she would begin to take a leadership role in the Yamaguchi-gumi, Japan's top yakuza, the yakuza that she would soon inherit from her parents who constantly ruled the streets of Tokyo due to the respect and fear that the citizens of Tokyo held for them. 

Y/N shivered at the thought of her becoming the leader of Japan's top crime organization. She didn't ask for this life, she didn't want to become a killer, but her parents would refuse to let her step down. Y/N didn't have a choice to do what she wanted with her life and at some point she had begun to accept it. She sighed as she slid on a baggy red shirt and some black leggings. She looked in the mirror, her eyes were blank and cold, her face expressionless. Time to go do what I do best she thought to herself. Grabbing the knife set her mother had given her on that day 11 years ago, she gave herself one more look in the mirror, nodded, and headed down to the basement, the place where she spent most of her day, the sparring room. 

After three hours of beating the shit out of whatever equipment Y/N could find, she collapsed on the floor exhausted not only physically, but emotionally as well. That was until a mocking voice behind her caught her attention.

"Happy Birthday Y/N oneechan...." Miki, who was age 15 now loomed over Y/N as she sat on the floor. She picked up her foot and attempted to slam it down on Y/N's head, but before she even had a chance Y/N kicked her leg out from under her, slamming Miki down on the ground. Y/N's eyes were emotionless as she held a dagger to her sister's throat.

 "That's no way to greet your older sister now is it, Miki?" Miki swallowed harshly as her sister's blade began to press further against her throat. "Jeez, okay, okay..... I get it. Sorry Y/N." 

Y/N quickly sheathed her dagger, got up, and began walking towards the exit. 

"Wa...wait!" She turned around to see Miki staring at her, searching her eyes for any emotion. "You know, today is the day right? You'll get your first mission as a yakuza member, you'll....most likely be sent to go kill someone...are you alright with that!?"

Y/N broke eye contact with Miki before she could notice the regret in her eyes.

"Not like I have much of a choice now do I?" And with that, Y/N left her sister behind as she heard a string of curses muttered from Miki's lips.

Later that day, there were no celebrations for Y/N's birthday. No presents or cake in sight. Instead, the only thing that filled Yamaguchi-gumi's headquarter were murmured whispers speculating who Y/N would have to kill and if she would succeed. Y/N silently walked through the corridor, head held high, as she approached her parent's room. As she entered, her eyes immediately were locked in the strong gaze of her father. He motioned with his head for her to kneel in front of him and she quickly obliged. 

"My dear daughter, today is the day we have trained you for. I'll keep this short since you have to get moving as soon as it becomes dark." Her father handed her a file that contained a picture of a girl, similar to her age. She recognized her as the daughter of a rival yakuza group. 

"Kill her and bring me her head. If you do this, you will officially be recognized as a highly valuable member of our business. Do you understand?" 

Y/N raised her gaze to meet his eyes once more and nodded firmly. Signifying that she understood his task. Suddenly she felt a warm hand on her head and looked up to see her mother smiling proudly at her.

"It'll be your first time out of this house alone without anyone protecting you. Please come back safe." Her mom helped her up from her kneeling position and gave an encouraging pat on her shoulders.

Y/N looked at her mom and struggled to hold her emotions back. She couldn't let her mask break, emotions made her weak and right now, she couldn't afford to show any signs of weakness.

"Yes mother, father. I'll be back before ya know it." Y/N bowed deeply before returning to her room to gear up. She strapped all ten of the daggers her mother had given her in various places. Then her eyes wandered over to her gun...the gun she killed that man with 11 years ago...the gun that started it all. She took a deep breath before she grabbed the gun and put it in it's holster that was attached to her hip. Taking one final look at herself in the mirror she met her reflection once again. Her eyes were no longer emotionless, instead they were filled with terror. She shook her head vigorously in an attempt to rid the look of fear from her eyes. Without looking back, she ran out of her room and made her way towards the front door of Yamaguchi-gumi headquarters. There stood her mother, father, and Miki, giving her one last encouraging nod as she took her first step alone outside in years. As soon as she closed the door behind her, Y/N ran off in the direction of the rivalry yakuza headquarters, but as she got closer to her destination, she suddenly faced a fork in the road. To her left was the pathway that would lead her to her destination, the place in which she would murder an innocent girl. To her right was the path that would lead her to the nearest station, her path towards freedom. 

For the first time, Y/N was able to make a choice, a chance to choose her own path. Her eyes gazed to her left, the path that while it may lead to blood, also was the path that led her back home to her family. She slowly took a step to the left when her eyes darted to the path to her right. A path that while it may lead to freedom, could also lead to years of running, years of loneliness. 

Fuck it... she thought to herself. I may be lonely, but at least I'd have a chance to live on my own terms and free myself from this cage I've been living in the past 18 years. Y/N closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and began running to her right, down the path that could bring her years of loneliness or could perhaps be the path that would finally give her the chance to form her own life, her own story.

Bring it on she thought as she made her way to the nearest train station and hopped on a train that would lead her far away from the life she had been living up until now. Finally, she had broken the cage.

**AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hello to anyone who has taken the chance on me and has decided to read this story! (If that is anyone at all lol) I am sorry for the lack of Haikyuu characters so far. Starting next chapter, many of the characters you know and love will begin to be introduced! I really just wanted to start the novel with some background on Y/N, you the reader! I hope you are enjoying so far! Thank you for supporting me! <3

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