5 | Tequila Sunrise

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It was morning

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It was morning.

My liquor-soaked brain could comprehend that much, but not much else. How I'd strung that coherent thought together with the way my head was throbbing was a mystery, but even in my semiconscious state it was clear that I had a monster hangover.

With a soft groan, I attempted to roll over and go back to sleep, wanting nothing more than to escape back into darkness, but something was keeping me firmly pinned to the mattress. When I finally dared to open my eyes, squinting against the bright sunlight, a sight I certainly hadn't been anticipating greeted me.

Laying with his head on my chest and an arm draped possessively across my waist was a dark haired, devastatingly gorgeous -- but completely unidentifiable -- guy who looked to be about my age. Panic immediately shot through me, but instead of shoving him away I froze and desperately began to rationalize.

If the fact that I was naked and hungover wasn't enough to make me realize that I'd gone home with some guy from the party, the rather bare and peacefully sleeping Adonis was a pretty good clue. Though one-night stands really weren't my scene, I'd been drunk enough last night that it wasn't much of a surprise.

Sighing heavily, I resigned myself to my apparent fate and I turned to admire my bedmate once more, thankful for the fact that he wasn't the twin brother of Quasimodo. He was classically handsome with an aristocratic nose and high cheekbones, and with just one glance it was easy to tell that he had broken plenty of hearts in the past. His long eyelashes seemed almost girlish compared to his strong jaw, giving him the look that every male model strived for, and had I still been in LA it wouldn't have surprised me if he actually was a model.

But this wasn't LA, and I was in bed with someone I didn't recognize and couldn't seem to remember how I'd even gotten there. All I could recall was getting to the party, losing the twins, and then seeing my pathetic excuse for an ex-boyfriend who was supposed to be on the West coast. Everything else was a bit of a blur.

Jesus, if this wasn't the perfect public service announcement to get people to drink responsibly, then I didn't know what was.

Deciding it was past time to make my escape, I slowly pushed his arm away and began to scoot my way out of bed, biting down hard on my bottom lip to keep the contents of my stomach from surging upwards. I had a feeling the sound of my retching would wake my bed mate, which would mean facing the awkward one-night-stand-morning-after greeting, a conversation that could border on downright painful. I'd experienced it once in the past and I wasn't eager for a repeat.

So as quickly as I could, I hauled myself out of bed and began the hunt for my clothes. My first find was my underwear and my bra was a close second, but the search for my dress continued on. I finally found it after a few tense moments and tugged it on, careless as to how it looked on me. Holding my pounding head in one hand, I managed to grab my shoes and somehow put on the four inch heels without falling down.

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