Smile, Your Beautiful :) [Chapter 5]

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Sorry guys.. lets just say my holiday was very hectic and it was hard for me to do anything. So here it is. :) The chapter!!!!!!


Which hoodie? I thought to myself peering at all of my different colored hoodies. Stupid Morgan didn't even bring me one. I scanned the rows trying to hurry up and decide. Jason was downstairs waiting. We were going to go see Knight and Day. I couldn't wait to see the movie but the thought of going with Jason made my stomach feel weird. It wasn't butterfly weird. But I was nervous. It wasn't that I liked him, because it certainly wasn't. It was because this guy made my life a living hell since I was in 6th grade. He killed any confidence I had.

I decided on a black all time low hoodie and slipped on some black flip flops. I walked down the stairs into my living room. There he sat petting Doc. His brown hair was in his face as he leaned over. He wore a simple pair of blue jeans and a nice blue shirt. Even though his whole outfit was simple... he pulled it off making it look like the best clothing in the world.

"I'm ready." I said finally. He looked up at me and smiled.

"You look good." He stated.

I didn't know what to say. He always made sure I knew I wasn't pretty. But here he was telling me I looked good. Has the universe flipped upside down? It probably has.

I swallowed and then smiled at him.

"Thank you!" I walked over to him and picked up doc. "I just have to put him away."

After I was done putting my dog away, we walked out to his car.

His car was a Black 2010 Chevy Camaro. I forgot to mention that his parents were rich.

I climbed into the passengers side and watched as he got into the drivers seat. Once in he started up the car and we were off.

"Nice car." I said smiling at him. Morgan told me that I had to make sure I was the one dishing out conversation... so I didn't come off as boring. She told me bunch of other things to. Don't get me wrong I knew how to deal with guys but getting advice from Morgan was just something I always got.

"My parents bought it for me as a birthday present." He said glancing at me." You know im sorry how my friends acted the other day."

"Its fine. I enjoyed there little display of affection for me." I said. I came up with the idea that I should let all three of them think I was interested in each one of them, so I caused some chaos and fighting between them.

He didn't say anything.. So I kept going.

"Casey is really cute. But I like Adams blonde hair." I watched him as he gripped the steering wheel. So he didn't like the idea of me talking about his friends. "But I have to say... You are the best looking."

"Oh yeah?" He said smirking.


He looked over at me. His eyes scanning me. Oh... this was going to be fun. I smirked to myself.

The car ride wasn't long. We decided to go to a theater instead of the drive through. He parked his car and we got out. We started walking up to the theater and I slipped his hand in mine and smiled up at him.

"What happened to this being a friend thing" He said, even though I knew he was pleased with himself.

I cant believe him. Does he really think that he can get any girl out there? Come on your good looking but your not that good looking. I thought to myself but kept the smile on my face.

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