chapter 27

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Luke's POV

it's been a day since that man was at my house we think it had something to do with my brother's drug problem. They think it's a guy who sells the best shit in the state, but the one cool/weird thing about him is no one knows what he looks like or in fact no one knows who he is, they just know his eye color because it's so odd, The rumor is that he lives in our town and even he might go to our school. But do you want to know why did they know it was him? because they are becoming top sellers of weed I mean everyone knows who my brothers are, they are literally starting a gang like why, why couldn't they do anything else, well the reason why this guy is after them is they are pretty much taking all his weed business and wanted to send him a message. I'm not sure if I should be mad or what but I'm low key impressed that they have had a business going that actually giving them money, I yelled at them for being stupid and selling drugs. They said that they didn't mean for this to get so big, it just started with their friends but their friends told others and then those people started coming to them and boom they were making like 30k a week. It is a lot of money but they shouldn't have started in the first place, my brother started using it again because he had the money to do so. Like why? my brothers are drug dealers now? shit I was abused now this, why is my life so random and fucked up like I just don't understand. I sit on my bed, I remember his eyes like he was sitting here with me right now. I feel like I knew them from somewhere but where and who? it really does feel like he's looking into your soul. I jump up quickly, I have seen those fucking eyes! but where? then I think then I realized who it is, there's no fucking way.

I get to school, I look around for him, I didn't tell anyone about who I think it is. I mean I can't just say it's someone who might know nothing about it, I see someone with a hoodie on walking past my locker to get to his. I watch him in the corner of my eye, I see he goes to unlock it when someone pushes him into it, " fucking freak!" someone yells he just sits there looking. I think it's this boy named Aaron, he is a bigger nerd than me, he even gets made fun of more than me, he is the school's punching bag. He only wears hoodies with his hood up he does not do gym class he doesn't let anyone see his face, he doesn't talk to anyone but there was this one time. I was in the bathroom, I was cleaning blood off my face when I hear someone walk out of a star I look back it was Aaron he didn't have his hoodie on, he looked at me with these eyes I have never seen before well until a couple of days ago. he walked over to me " one day they will be our bitchs, one day they will never bully anyone ever again," he said as he passed me a paper tower walked out of the bathroom. I thought he was going to shoot up the school, well I didn't say anything to the teachers, but after that day he seemed to always be around when I was getting my ass kicked. I seemed to be liked by him for some reason, I have always felt bad for him so I kind of started to try to get Oliver to leave him alone, well it worked Oliver has stopped fucking with him. Because of this weird feeling, I have for him I have a lot of respect for him, and no I don't like him in any sexual way just I don't know I feel like we have the same kind of life. We get bullied by people for no reason, we seem to be top of our class, and well life didn't give us the best cards. That's why I didn't tell the boys about how I thought it was him, I hope he's not but at this point, I wouldn't be shocked.

I watch him walk to his lunch table, everyone was doing something during lunch so I figured that this is the best time to talk to him? well, I don't know what I'm going to say to him, oh hey I think your a drug dealer and is trying to maybe kill my brothers, well I just need to go for it. I take my lunch and I set down, He doesn't look up, he doesn't do anything he just keeps eating, " hey" I say what the fuck am I doing? " hey, did we have math homework?" he asked. Oh my god his voice is so different, " umm I don't think so" I said in a low voice " well that's good" he said, we sat there not saying anything what should I say? or do? like I can't just come out with it. I keep looking at him there's something different about him like he's bigger and I don't mean he's getting fat more like a buff. He looks up to me and I can only see his mouth he's smiling, I know that smile it's him how could it be him? the boys told me stories about the man or more like him, he has had people killed and has killed people, I can't believe that it's not him it can't be he's too nice. I sit there in shock what should I do? I should leave, I look at him one more time he's opening a pudding cup " if you're here to ask what I'm going to do with your brothers they took money from me and I want it back" he said as he keeps eating his pudding cup. I look at him in shock " b-but why? why did you turn into this man who has killed people, I know you were getting bullied so was I but you don't see me killing and selling drugs" I said in a low voice " don't stutter makes you look like a pussy, I got tired haven't you? " he said getting up from his set " haven't you gotten tired of being the bitch of everyone? don't you want to be the boss of something, well I did and I did it."

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