Chapter 24: Cato

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I sit angrily on the floor while 2 peace-keepers hold their guns out at me. I wait impatiently for Clove and she doesn't come back for hours.

"Where is my Clover?" I ask angrily trying to get up. One of the peace-keepers pushes me down and I just sigh. They laugh at me and I sit next to Boggs who seems boredly waiting for something.

"I got the message out that we're trapped" he whispers almost inaudibly "just stay calm and don't annoy them" he says sounding quite annoyed himself. I nod and the peace-keepers look at me strangely.

"What are you two talking about?" one of the peace-keepers asks. I shrug and he comes closer, very angry. I just laugh and try to not kill him right now. He smirks down at me.

"I knew Clove" he says bitterly "She was a strong one. She loved to fight her patrons" he says jokingly and his friend laughs. I try to keep my calm but with very poor results.

"You better stay quiet" I say angrily. He laughs at me and whispers something to his partner. They share a bitter laugh and I try to find a way to control my anger. I pull on my electro-cuffs and it sends a sharp pain up my wrist. I finally calm down and I hear yells outside. I start to get excited and the 2 peace-keepers run outside. I struggle but finally get my cuffs off using sheer strength. I rip the cuffs off of Boggs and he helps me get Katniss' and Gale's off.

"I have to go find Clove" I yell running out of the door. I run upstairs to where I know Lyme's office is. I open the door quickly. Clove and Lyme seem oblivious to the rebellion as they talk about other things.

"Clove I think we should go" I say nervously. She nods and Lyme leads us to a bunker. She loads us in but doesn't stay with us.

"Follow the tunnel until you reach the light. Be careful not to attract attention, I think you'll come out in my house" she smiles and runs away. Clove and I walk hand in hand until we see the light. I open the trapdoor and we step out into a very elegant house. We find our way out of the house and step out.

"Clove we need to find the rest of them and get out of 2 for a while" I tell her sadly. She nods and we enter the building through a back entrance. We find some dead peace-keepers and take their guns and ammo.

"Thanks" Clove mutters as she straps the ammo to her waist. We walk through the chaos and finally find Katniss and Gale.

"Where's Boggs?" Katniss asks concerned. I shrug and look around for him.

"I thought he was with you" Clove says sadly. We hear a familiar yell and Boggs comes running in with a large gun at his waist. We all run away and finally reach the door. I hear shots behind us and turn quickly to shoot. I hit someone and we continue to run.

"We have to go, go, go" Boggs says once we are all in the house. Clove runs upstairs and turns a corner.

'Her family' I think to myself. I leave the house and run down the street. I gather up her family and Dagger and we walk quickly to our house.

"We ready?" Clove asks struggling down the stairs. I grab her waist and we walk together, led by Boggs. We load into the hover-craft and set out very quickly.

"Clove you okay?" I ask holding her close to me. She nods but holds on very tightly. We fly for around half an hour and land in a mountain.

"Clove!" her mom yells hugging her tightly. Clove flinches in pain and her mom releases her. Dagger wags her tail wildly and we head to our room. Dagger jumps straight on her bed and Clove lays next to her.

"Hey Dagger" I say sitting next to Clove "This is my spot" Dagger growls in retaliation and Clove laughs. I look at her rudely and go to put on my PJs. I put on some simple black shorts and a gray tanktop.

I smile at Clove and I push Dagger over. She growls loudly and I growl back. Dagger puts her head down in defeat and Clove laughs at me.

"Are you okay?" I ask concerned. She nods and cuddles difficultly into me. Clove falls asleep first and I carefully wrap my arms around her protectively. I fall asleep and dream of Clove.


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