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No ones pov
The hashiras and you got invited to go to a haunted house. But the boys think its "pretty boring" especially because they've already been face-to-face with real badass demons but they just came because they have nothing better to do.

In your case, because you are not a demon slayer, Muichiro, your boyfriend knew that haunted houses were actually one of the things you've been scared of, and as a VERY good boyfriend he is, invited you in this 'cute get together date thingy'.

Yet you didn't know where will you all go, made a confused face and said "Sure! As long as you're okay with it!" . Muichiro internally grimaced, while walking with you to the train station with hands locked together, intertwined.

~ Meanwhile, after the train ride ~

"Mui, where exactly are we going?" You asked him with an eyebrow raised, idicating you are confused. Muichiro just smiled at you while walking to the outside of the haunted house.

"Y/n!!! I can't believe you're here! Aww you are so cute as always!" Mitsuri, the love pillar hugged and smiled sweetly at you which you returned. Little did you know, Obanai is glaring at you in the background.

"A-a-a HAUNTED HOUSE!?" You looked at them, but they were unfazed and just got inside. "Mui, you didn't tell me about this!" You exclaimed, sending him a glare.

Muichiro decided to tease you by saying, "What is this? Are you scared~?" He said, smirking. "Whaa? Ofcourse not! Let's go, pussies" you said while walking in and causing all of them to make blank faces and shrugged.


Next thing you knew, you were all alone walking inside the haunted house probably acting like Zenitsu. "Mui! M-mui!! W-where are you guys!?" You said walking slowly when a figure popped out in front of you. "AaaAAa!! Im getting out of heree!!!" And suddenly, someone hugged you from behind and shocked you causing you to faint.

"-n... Y/n... Y/N!!!!!"
"Whaa! What did i miss!?" You said standing up immediately in a fighting stance, while all of the hashiras (except for obanai, giyuu and muichiro) are looking at you trying not to laugh. "Oh my y/n, you just fainted on muichiro-kun in a haunted house." Shinobu said, containing her laughter. "I'm so sorry for the inconvenience you guys!" You said while bowing in a 90° angle. "It's okay! We shoud get going now, muichiro-kun, y/n-chan!" They sad, almost in unison.

" Y/n i'm sorry. I did not tell you about going in a haunted house knowing you are scared of it" he said, hugging you. "Its okay Mui-kun. Im also sorry for fainting on you. How about we just cuddle ok?" You said, waiting for his answer. "Mm..ok."

You both kiss and cuddle eachother throughout the night.

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