Chapter 12: Rebecca

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   "It's just I want to keep you safe. And you won't be safe if you're with me-" he is cut off by yelling coming from the living room. We stay silent for a few seconds after the yelling has stoped.

   "Liam," I begin, hoping he wont get angry again. When he doesn't say anything I continue. "I have missed you too,"

   "Really?" he smiles again.

   "Yes, and I don't think it's fair that you are trying to keep me safe. I appreciate it, but I want you Liam. I want you and need you."

   "Kayla, the people I work with and are associated with aren't all good people. I can't take that risk," he sadly states.

   "Then why did you come here, huh? To rub us not being together in my face?" I ask furious.

   "No, I wanted to see you!"

   "You obviously want to be with me just as much as I want to be with you."

   "Of course I do!" he agrees.

   "Then why can't we!?" I raise my voice just as there is a knock on my door. Zayn opens it before I could say anything.

   "Maddi and I are going out," he speaks. "We will be back soon, do you mind waiting?" he asks. I find it odd how they were just yelling and now their going out.

   "No, I'm fine. Have fun," Liam replies to Zayn. He nods and walks out, shutting the door.

   "Liam, you should just go." I sigh disappointed.

   "Kayla, I truly am sorry." he stands up.

   "No you're not," I mumble.

   "How could you say that!" he snaps once again.

   "Easily!" I snap back. "You could be with me if you really wanted to, you are just making up excuses. Liam, I could take care of myself. And whatever risk you're talking about, I am willing to take it!" I stand up and walk towards him. I put my hands against his chest and continue talking. "Why aren't you?"

   "Kayla, you might be willing to take it now, but you wont later on," he removes me hands.

   "How could you be so sure?" I ask, my voice full of desperation.

   "Because you don't know what I do! You don't know what I could do to someone with just my hands. And when you do find out you'll run."

   "Is that the real reason you won't be with me? Not because it's dangerous but because I might run from you?" I ask. "Liam I would never do that. I don't care what you could do, I don't care about you job! I just care about you!"

   He doesn't reply with words, instead his lips crash onto mine. We fall onto the bed never breaking apart. His hands travel to the hem of my shirt and pulls it over my head. I lick my lips and look at him in adoration. Liam is literally perfect, at least to me his is.

Maddi's POV

   "Zayn?" I whisper holding onto the sleeve of his leather jacket. "What is this place?"

    After driving for almost half an hour we arrived at a really sketchy looking house. The house is all beat up and the yard is a complete mess. A few skinny guys who look like they're addicted to some kind of substance that will really screw you up, stand by the front door. We walk up to them and Zayn doesn't answers my question.

   "What are you doing here Malik?" The one with really long hair asks Zayn. By the tone of his voice he doesn't like Zayn.

   "None of your damn business, Jarred." Zayn doesn't even glance at him. As we walk pass them one of them grabs my arm pulling me into him. He stinks of some type of chemical, it almost smells like cleaning chemicals.

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