You have a girlfriend?

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Lauren PoV
After a while of getting to know kris and my sisters , I decided to go home a Blake was whining to go see camila. Camila and Blake have an amazing relationship, it is so cute.

Blake- mommy , can we home and see camila ?

Me- yes sweetie , let me say my goodbyes

Kourtney- ooo , whose camila ?

Before i can say anything Blake buts in. And i froze.

Blake- mommy's gurlfiend

Kylie- you didn't tell us you have a girlfriend

Me-i guess i was worried that you guys didn't like gay people or something

Kris- honey , we don't see you any different , why don't you , camila and Blake come round tomorrow and we have a barbecue?

Me- ye , that will be great , thanks . We should be going because i need to get this one to bed and to speak camz

Khole-aww , that nickname

Me- okay , i will see you guys tomorrow

Blake- bye bye

When we get in the car , me and Blake began singing ( video above ) after a long drive we finally arrived home. Before i can open the door , it opens from the inside

Blake- MILA!!!!

Blake runs into her arms , camila picks her  and spins her around making her giggle. Camila put Blake down and walks up to me. I grab her waist as she puts her arms around my neck . I pull into a passionate kiss , that last for 30 seconds . God i missed her lips.

Camila- missed you baby

Me- God i missed you so much babygirl

Blake- mommy , i tired

Camila- do you want to make you a nice hot bath while you put her to bed

Me- yes , thank , camz

I picked up Blake and gave her a banana  and put her pjs on and tucked her in bed. I placed kiss on her head and walked into the bathroom

Me- you coming camz?

Camila- of course baby

She climbed in as i wrap arms around her perfectly shaped body. I kissed her neck , i began to suck but she stoped me and turned round to face me.

Camila- baby , how is your new family?

Me- they seem nice but i need to learn to trust them more

Camila- you do have a hard time trusting people

Me- ye , i guess but i did tell them about unknown

Camila- wait you did, i am so proud of you baby

Me- thanks babygirl, also we are going round theirs tomorrow for a barbecue

Camila- okay , cannot wait to meet you family babe

We finish in the bath and i went to bed happy

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