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grayson dolan, jack dail, kristina alice, ethan dolan, emma chamberlain
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grayson had always been curious with figuring out his sexuality. he labeled himself as bisexual to some friends and family he trusted. after being friends with jack dail for a few months in 2014, they ending up sleeping together. they didn't talk about it for a few days but once they discussed it, they admitted feelings they both had and that's where grayson's first gay relationship came about. it was hard hiding such a thing, but he really loved him. jack cuddled with him, kissed him, hugged him, and made him feel loved. but as the months turned into years of dating, the twins' channel and their business grew a lot. eventually, that overthrew ethan and grayson's relationship with jack. they broke up in early 2017, and that's when he "exposed" the twins right after the situation. grayson knew he was at fault for their split, but it still hurt him really bad.

through the grieving of his break up, ethan was there to support him. it was great really, but grayson was so emotionally wrecked that he started catching feelings for ethan. they had always playfully flirted with each other for fun, but grayson had a boyfriend before so it wasn't that big of a deal. but now that he was single and fucked over, it started to mean something. jack noticed this, and although what happened happened, grayson was still very important to him. he tried to confront ethan about it, tell him to maybe calm down on his flirting, but that made them get into a fight about jealousy.

once grayson had realised he had developed a full blown crush on his brother, everything got worse. he knew it was gross to like your sibling like that and he had no one to go to.

but later on, the two were laying together and grayson talked about his feelings. ethan listened and told him that they could try out a relationship, but they'd have to keep it secret. and if it didn't work out, they forget they ever tried, and if they like it... then they'd continue.

they went on dates, bought each other gifts, cuddled, kissed, hugged, and they had sex a few times. their relationship continued until it got rocky later in 2018, when they started hanging out with james and emma.

grayson loved emma, emma was one of his best friends, but he started to realise how much better emma was for ethan. she was a pretty young girl, funny, and ethan would be able to show her off, unlike with grayson.

ethan broke up with grayson and ended up dating emma.

they spent a lot of time together, even before they started dating. it left grayson a lot of time to himself. to dwell on the past, cry, and build. and maybe buy some plants. it hurt him a lot. he expected ethan to dump him anyway, but he didn't know he wasn't ready for it.

emma and ethan dated for a bit, staying the night at each other's places, going on dates, going out together, and doing everything he did with grayson. he loved both of them, and he was happy for them, but it was hard seeing someone make ethan so happy that wasn't himself. crazy to see someone you love live your dream right in front of you.

their relationship lasted until the summer of 2019. their relationship lasted just about as long as their friendship. it was hard for them to keep solid friends.

everything went back to normal after that and it was just the two of them again. the feelings for ethan never left grayson, so unsurprisingly, his feelings worsened once ethan was around him even more.

they had been at their moms house, laying in ethan's bed. they almost did it again, but ethan chickened out before he could even kiss him. he threw grayson's arms back down and stormed off. later on, grayson found out that ethan stopped because he didn't want to lead him on and think that they could start a relationship again. they got into a fight and surprise, surprise, grayson told him about how he still had feelings for him and he felt stupid letting ethan fuck with his feelings like that.

they apologized to each other after that, but they didn't speak on how grayson still liked him.

they were back at that flirting stage, where everything started. they "accidentally" slept together again, kissed once or twice, and stayed in the same bed. they both knew about their mutual feelings but they never really dated again.

ethan had been in and out with talking to kristina since they did the music video with her, but in the beginning of 2020, he slowly stopped doing those things with grayson and started dating kristina. she was in new jersey with them and in los angeles.

grayson didn't know what he expected but it wasn't always being hurt in the end. all he wanted was someone who didn't leave him for someone better every time

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