Chapter 9

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Hey guys I'm gunna be writing in Ticci Toby's p.o.v. for a long time in the chapters but trust me it's just part of the story ;) now continue the story and enjoy
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Toby's POV

I walked up the stairs back to (Y/N). Remembering that she had a broken leg and a stab wound but it was healing surprisingly fast for a human, so I wasn't worried a whole lot.
I went to my room and saw her sleeping peacefully on the bed. She was so beautiful...

I went up to her and sat on the bed and put a strand of hair behind her ear. I got up and took off my glasses and bandana that covered my face.
I picked her up again bridal style making my way to Slender Man's office and started to run when I noticed that I couldn't feel (Y/N)'s heartbeat.


How horribly was I gunna kill that twitching son of a bitch. I kept yelling his name, anyone's name as my fear grew stronger.

"HELP!! HELP!! DONT LEAVE ME IN HERE WITH THE-" I was cut off when a pair of sharp claws sliced a part of my sweatshirt.

My... Sweatshirt... I lunged at the- thing thing as I stabbed at it over and over again until it finally retreated. I was sweating and panting and of course, when it ran away the basement door was opened by a very confused and scared Masky.

(Y/N) P.O.V.

I was subconscious for a minute, the next I time I could actually see but all I got out was a strange unfamiliar room and a blurred object come towards me and stroke my hair. I closed my eyes and felt my heartbeat getting slower and slower until...

Hi guys, I know short chapter *FACEDESK* *FACEDESK*
but I thought I should end it here for SOMEONE!! :3 anyway ONE HUNDRED AND FOURTY TWO VIEWS (142 views) SQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AND MY THIRD DAY OH THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU BROS!! It means A LOT! *pretending to kiss you on the cheek in gratefulness* lol anyways sorry again so short night y'all and Stay Sweet (~^_^)~ *brofist*


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