Chapter 7: The Pillars

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"Hey..wake up."

"Hey, come on."

"Wake up, you bastard."


Waking up with a jolt, burgundy eyes fluttered open while his ears were ringing. His vision now clearing, he noticed 6 figures staring down at him.

"Hey, get up! The Pillars are now present!" The kakushi beside him scolded, folding his arms.

"... Pillars? What the heck are Pillars.. Wait.. I remember Y/N-chan saying she's a pillar. What was it again? ... The.. Soul Pillar.. wait.. wait.."

"Who are these people? Where am I?" He frantically looked around, eyeing his surroundings. He seemed to be in a sort of garden or estate, he didn't know.

"This is the headquarters of the Demon Slayers. As for you, you're on trial now, Kamado Tanjiro-kun." He followed the direction of the sound, looking at the familiar woman he had encountered on the mountain. Shit's about to go down.


Loud sounds could be heard passing the current room you were in, sounding like an argument. You groaned, feeling pain in the slightest of movements. You listened carefully to the frantic voice passing your room.

"Shinazugawa-sama! Please let go of the box!"

... box? Shinazugawa, the Wind Pillar? Were you at headquarters? And what was the box he was carrying?

"Shinazugawa-sama, please don't do this! The demon is inside the box!" The voice continued. Demon? At headquarters?

You then recall all the events before. Demon, box, Nezuko! You get up from the bed, ignoring the pain, running towards the door. They were just here, you could catch up but with your current state..

You shook your head, adrenaline pumping in your veins as you raced towards the outdoors. Panting, you used the walls as support, hearing the worried voice of a kakushi who was looking for you. You made it to the courtyard where all the other Pillars seem to have gathered.

Your eyes widened in anger as he stabbed Nezuko, hearing her pained grunts. You leapt forward grabbing the box while Tanjiro bashed his head against Shinazugawa's, blood dripping from the Pillar's nose.

Everyone was shock, both at the powerful impact from Tanjiro and from your sudden appearance. You glared at the Wind Pillar, your face darkening. Tanjiro scurried over to your side, both of you standing in front of the box protectively.

"S-scary.. but so cool! I wonder who that is~!" Mitsuri hummed as she fawned over you. "Such a cute face but her figure is so mature! My heart can't take the masterpiece in front of me!"

"If you can't tell the good demons from the bad ones, you shouldn't be a Pillar at all!" Shinazugawa glared at the both of you, lifting himself from the ground. "Damn you.. I'll rip you to shreds!" You spread a bandaged arm in front of Tanjiro, gritting your teeth.

"Oh shut it, shithead!" Both Tomioka and Tanjiro gawked at you, surprised to see you spitting out words with such hatred. This was a side they were foreign to, considering you've always been gentle and sweet to them.

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