Shadow Wolves- Children of Light, chapter 2

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Chapter Two

The Past

June 5th, 30000 years B.C 

Location: Unknown

I try to balance the basket of vegetables atop my head, doing it successfully for a change. I'm walking so gingerly and, with my hands on the sides of my head to catch it if it falls, everyone around me parts and watches. Many of them laugh at how ridiculous I am acting.  I ignore them and turn my nose at them, nearly taking my basket of vegetables off my head. I blush furiously and walk away as fast as I can, avoiding eye contact. 

I'm such a fool. Why can't I do anything right? Its no fair I thought when I came of age I'd be graceful and do everything I've seen my sisters and mother do. Let me tell you now, it isn't easy. Not by a long shot. 

When I got back to the hut I share with my best friend, Sika, I quickly put the food away. Only to be interrupted.  

"Hey Zoo," she nocked my head and I swatted at her, a smile pulling at my lips, "I heard about your um accident," she busts in giggles and I hit her shoulder. 

"That's not nice! Besides you and, everyone else in this tribe knows how ungraceful I am." I say angrily with narrowed eyes. 

"Sorry Zoo, but come in our species the women are meant to be petit and graceful, along with the white blonde hair and have either bright blue or pale blue eyes. You've gone against what's normal for us and it's not something you can escape, as much as I know you wish otherwise."

I put my head down on her shoulder. Everything she said is true and I am a freak among my people. I'm nowhere near graceful and my eyes are well...freaky. I have one bright blue eye but the other eyes iris is black.  No one knows why though, they say it may because it symbolies the three eye, or it could be an omen, a very bad one. Althought there are many other villages of angles through out the world and we all have seperate attributes.

Everyone in my tribe has a gift, our powers are measured, the average is 4.2 the ones with extremely high measurements are 6.3.  My gift measures 8.2. 

Besides my eyes, all the women are petit and deltic in our land, while the tallest woman before me was 5"4' I'm a staggering 6". I tower over all the females and some men.   I am a freak among the freaks. 

My people and I call ourselves Children Of Light. Children Of Light are freaks, because we are the only tribe of white people that transform into wolves. Shocking I know but it's true. Every tribe of werewolves is different but ours is the most. Our wolves are much larger than them and have mostly white fur when changed into wolves. I am purely white when in my wolf form which isn't totally uncommon. But what is uncommon is that I a female wolf am, as large as a male wolf when fully grown, and I'm only sixteen. 

I'm a freak there is no way around that fact. Everyone here accepts me, of course but still I'm different and much more powerful than anything they've ever seen. As much as they love me they also, in their own way... fear me. 

            I stand up and gather my basket to put the food away for later use, when suddenly a vision takes over my entire being. I am only faintly aware I've fallen onto the fall and am shaking beyond control. Just before my vision pulls me in. I hear Sika scream...

I see ....nothing. Pure darkness... The edges are blurry with blackness in every direction. It's nothing. Its sensory deprivation. The blackness...the nothingness is mind numbing. I can see or hear anything. I try to scream out, to hear something anything. But no sound comes out. 

What's happening?? I try to run from....the void...the disheartening feeling of impending doom?