Mark- 7 Skull Reaper

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After three weeks, Commander Mako called the workers of the new Jaeger and the remaining Jaeger Pilots to the Jaeger storage wing.

"Everyone, I would like to present to you our new Mark-7 Jaeger, Skull Reaper." Mako announced

The workers and Jaeger pilots applaud, seeing the new Jaeger and the pilot. Erin looked up at the con-pod, it had a skull-shape, and it's eyes resembled that of a human's. She had never seen a more humanoid looking Jeager in her life.

"Our chosen pilot for this Jaeger is Clayton Traust." Mako announced, "He hasn't chosen a pilot yet. The Co-Pilot compatibility choosing will happen later today in the training room."

Erin got a glimpse of Clayton, He had light brown hair, and ocean blue eyes. It's rare for her to encounter a man with light brown hair and ocean blue eyes.

"Want to go watch the choosing ceremony for Clayton?" Nako asked 

They looked at Nako, after being fascinated by the design of Skull Reaper

"Sure, what about you Erin?" Kimi asked

"Yeah sure." Erin said, "I've just... Never seen a more humanoid looking Jaeger..."

"That's because ours is based off of a man-eating monster, the biggest Jaeger in history," Nako said, "Come on, let's go back into our uniform bay, and update those helmets you had an idea for."

Before Mako had announced for the cadet Jaeger pilot to meet in the training room,  Erin, Nako, Kimi, and Camile came into the room, and bowed to Commander Mako, who was standing right in before them. They sat on the other end of the training hall.

"Good to see my current Jaeger pilots," she said

We nod at her message towards us

"You guys wanna throw down a little bit before I announce them to come in for the tests?" Mako asked

"You know it," Erin said, "Nako, care to join me?"

"You read my mind," she laughed 

Nako stood from the small steps. Erin tossed her a staff, and waited for it to reach Nako. She caught it within arm's reach, and stood in her battle ready stance. Erin jumped around a little bit, trying to crack some limbs so she could easily move around, and fast.

"Tomatemina," Nako said

"Don't forget Nako," Erin said, "I'm the one who beat you."

Nako teasingly rolled her eyes at Erin, and spun her staff around. She blocked the first hit, but recoiled back. She the charged at Nako, only to be knocked down, shoulder landing first to the ground. 

"Were you weak or something?" Nako laughed, "You're a little rusty, but that's okay."

She laughed as she stood, and then she walked over to Mako.

As Erin massaged her shoulder, she laughed it off, and took her seat beside Nako. The cadets soon walked in as they heard the commotion.

"Looks like the cadets are ready to come see if their drift compatible with Clayton," Mako said, "Clayton come forward."

He soon revealed himself, and was handed a staff by Camille. Throughout the training sequence, Clayton has beat every single one of the candidates, a few moves early. He wasn't feeling any compatibility with them at all.

"Final candidate, Quiet come forth." Mako said, "Hopefully, this one is the one you choose."

A girl who was almost as tall as Clayton, had light brown hair, and light blue eyes. "Another rare eyes person." Erin thought. She had seen very few people with the rare genes. Stuck in a giant machine, and living in a Shatterdome for most of her life, Erin hardly ever got out to go see the world. 

"I'll let you call the starts Erin." Mako told

Erin hesitated. Mako would never tell her to do anything most things herself would do. She inhaled and exhaled and ended with a straight expression. She tried not to feel herself shake, but she finally spoke.

"... Hajime!" Erin announced

The two candidates stood still for a solid ten seconds before Clayton making the first move. Quiet suddenly made the next. The next thing they knew, they were in full combat.

"Concentrate Quiet." Clayton suggested, "This is about compatibility, not a fighting simulation."

Quiet replied with silence however, she followed what Clayton had told her. They kept continuing in combat until, Clayton got the upper hand and had her struggle between the air and Clayton's staff. Erin heard Quiet gag.

"Yamete!!!!" Erin yelled

"I've seen enough." Mako said

"Me too." Clayton said, "Quiet is my co-pilot."

Clayton helped her up. Mako looked at Erin, Nako, Kimi and Camile, they had a tiny discussion before separating once again to let Mako speak.

"I think, there is a special bond between you two." Kimi said

"The compatibility I saw was beyond what I expected." Camile said

"Both of your combat styled seen in sync." Nako said, "I saw and felt it."

"Take good care of Quiet, Clayton," Erin said, "She's the one I hand picked as one of your candidates."

Quiet smiled. Mako smiled as well, and gave the 'okay' gesture. Mako slightly smiled and was about to dismissed everyone from the training room to go back to their business.

"Clayton Traust has found a new co-pilot." Mako announced

the people who awaited for their drift compatibility test, applaud. No one grunted or walked away. They only walked away when Mako had announced it was over. 

After the training, everyone who watched the combat had went back to their training. Clayton caught up with Quiet in the cabin area.

"Hey, Quiet!" Clayton called out

Quiet turned around, surprised. She waved at him and smiled.

"Hey I just want to say, Sorry for almost killing you." Clayton apologized

Quiet said nothing, she had a Grimm expression on her face, looking down at the ground as they walked.

"Is there something wrong?" Clayton asked, "If it's something personal then I apologize deeply for asking."

Quiet stepped in front of Clayton, nodding her head 'no'. Clayton looked confused.

"It isn't personal?" He asked

She nodded 'no'. He gave a half smile and took Quiet to her room. As she opened the door, Quiet gestures him to come in.

"Why?" He wondered

She just pulled him in, closing her door. she made him sit on her bed. she ripped through her drawer and searched for her journal. Once she found it, she walked over to him and presented him her journal.

"You want me to read this?" He asked

She nodded 'yes.' But, he put her journal back on her lap and got up.

"Sorry, I can't read through personal stuff," Clayton said, "Maybe if I honestly need to understand, then I will. But right now, I can't. I'll see you later Quiet."

Once he left, tears suddenly filled her eyes. She laid down in her bed, reading through her journal, finding an entry that was entitled, 'That Day'. As she read on and on on her last entry, she started crying.

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