stupid. ~inosuke x reader continuation 2/2~

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-just a little A/n that inosuke being childhood friends with y/n and spending time with her made inosuke not confuse her name to a mispronounced one- on w/ the story~

-one week after the confession-
Inosuke's pov
Damn! That is so embarassing! I bumped into someone and seeing who it is, heck, where did my luck go? Its y/n!! I avoided eye contact and ran, but she caught up to me and held my hand, "Hey! Talk to me, will ya?" She said, with a face all reddish and its making me feel all this fuzzy inside, i had to admit that i like this fuzzy feeling.

"What now, y/n?" I said, trying to calm down and not scream at her face. "Y-you did confess to me last week, right Ino?" She ignored my face while talking to me. An irk grew in my forehead and I grabbed her cheeks and made her face me. "Yes i did, why are you ignoring my face Am I that ugly?" She snickered and said "I think it is called "avoiding eye contact", but yours is an exception especially with your dumb-ass."

More irks grew in my forehead and I banged the wall beside her using my fist. "So, did you think about your answer? If your just tryna piss me off, i will leave." I say as i walked the other direction and she stopped me again by tugging on my unbuttoned uniform. " n-n-no please don't leave... " she said, looking at me with teary-eyes. "Fine." I say as i grunted.

"I like you too"

I was so happy hearing those words from her and it made my heart beat faster than usual. I hugged her as hard as i could. "HAHAHA your mine now!" I screamed through the hallway, holding her hand. "And i'm yours"

"WAHHH HOW COME INOSUKE ALREADY HAS A GIRLFRIEND AND I DON'T HAVE ONE YETTT" Zenitsu said, sulking in the background, growing mushrooms.


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