Chapter 23: Clove

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I wake up on Cato's chest and feel the warmth radiate off of him. I smile down at him and shake him awake. He turns over, pushing me off of him. I feel a sharp pain in my back but mostly miss his warmth.

"Morning Clove" he says sweetly. I smile and kiss him quickly. He starts to stroke my hair and watch his icy blue eyes and he watches me with a passion. I can trust it, I see it in his eyes. I just can't trust anyone else, that's fine. At least I have my Cato back.

"You hungry?" I ask sitting up. I can't sit here all day. I push through the pain and walk around to the other side of the bed. He looks at me amazed and nervous and I give him a faint smile. He sits up and follows me to the kitchen. I look down just as I am about to open the door and see I don't have a shirt. Did he strip me down last night? Did he let anyone use me? 

'No, he didn't' I tell myself, but even I doubt myself. 'He wouldn't do that'

"Why am I half naked?' I ask, still feeling the pain. Cato smiles and I slip on a jacket. It hurts so much and I have to groan halfway through the process.

"Sorry Clove, you were sweating last night" he says holding my side and opening the door for me. I smile at him and we walk to the kitchen. No-one else seems to be up as I start breakfast. I make Cato and I some bacon and eggs.

"You want crispy or burnt to death?" I ask jokingly. He smiles. I give him some crispy strips of bacon and some scrambled eggs.

"Why scrambled?" he asks.

"It's all I can do" I say "you know I'n not that good a chef" I smile and he laughs playfully. He starts to eat quickly and I get us some water. I give him a glass and struggle to sit down. He sees this and helps me sit. I smile gratefully and start to eat. I eat about half of my meal but soon get full. Cato offers to eat the rest and I let him.

"Wow Clove! You got better and fast!!" I hear Katniss yell. I smile and we hug, painfully. She sits across from Cato and next to my seat. I make her some bacon and extra for Cato and anyone else who wants to join. I giver her a plate and she thanks me quickly before digging in.

"So what's the plan for today?" I ask sitting at the table with a full stomach and a body in pain.

"Boggs said we would work in the District" she starts between bites. "Strengthen the rebellion" she says exagerating. I nod, Katniss gets up and leaves to go to her room.

"Where are you going Clove?" Cato as I get up and start walking to my room.

"I want to see my back" I say carefully. He smiles and follows me. I step into my room and Cato sits on my bed. "Do you mind?" I ask, nervous. He shrugs and I take off my jacket, slowly  and sorely. I turn around quickly to hide my burns and see the incision mark on my back. It goes from my neck angled down to the side of my ribcage.

"Clove you okay?" Cato asks getting up and walking next to me. I smile weakly. He runs his hand down my arm and it sends chills down my spine.

"Why is it that I'm the only one always getting hurt?" I ask laughing at all the times I have gotten injured and everyone else was fine. He smiles.

"You're the important so people target you" he says slowly rubbing my shoulders. I smile and melt back into him. He holds me close.

"Clove you know you're beautiful?" Cato whispers looking at me through the mirror. I blush and look down to my feet.

"Sure" I say sarcastically "If beautiful is beaten, battered and broken" I say sadly. He looks into my eyes through the mirror and I smile shyly. He strokes my hair and I finally feel safe.

"Why can't our lives be normal?" I ask sadly. "The Games are normal for us but I mean the whole getting kidnapped by the Capitol, being manipulated and abused" I add but refuse to mention rape and sex trafficking. He smiles and breathes into the crook of my neck. I sigh heavily and there's a knock at the door.

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