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"Sirius?" Sally said, shocked that he was at her door in Manhattan, New York. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see you, Sally. Dumbledore and Remus are here as well," Sirius told her after a moment of staring before shaking it off.

"Oh isn't that wonderful. Um, let's go talk in the hall," she said while looking back into her apartment where a noise that sounded like glass breaking was heard. She had a grim look on her face but it soon turned to a smile as she turned back. It was obviously forced. "Actually, let's go to Central Park. It's night and most people won't be there. Hopefully," she mumbled the last part.

Sirius gave her an odd look but followed nonetheless. They met Dumbledore and Remus down at the bottom of the apartment complex. She hugged each of them in greeting with a smile.

As they walked through the Park they chat and caught up. Sally hasn't been or kept up with what happened within the last years before Voldemort attacked the Potters.

"What are you guys doing here?" she finally asked, her American accent showing through. "I missed all of you, but I left that world behind when I moved here."

"We didn't come here for you, Ms. Jackson. We came for your daughter," Dumbledore told her with a knowing look. Sirius and Remus were shocked at the fact she had a daughter and the fact that she was able to hide her from them.

"What do you want with my daughter?" she asked, already knowing and dreading the answer.

"She has shown great powers, you and I both know this. I have spoken with Chiron about this and we both think it wise to have her come to Hogwarts. She will be an American exchange student. I know her history and all she's endured. We only came to see you and inform you of what we think should happen. We needed your blessing to bring her."

"If you know her history, you know it's not my blessing you need to get. It's her's. But with all the recent things that have happened, I don't know what she will say. I think it would be best. I know I will be far from her, but I think she will do good there," she told them honestly. She sighed and looked at her watch. "She should be home soon. Why don't you come back in the morning and we will discuss this tomorrow."

She told them and left back to her apartment with her abusive husband while waiting for her daughter.

Sirius noticed a bruise on her neck that looked like a hand mark. She seemed nervous and was chewing her lip. She looked reluctant to go back to the flat but went anyways. Sirius wanted to follow her and see why was she nervous. So being a practical man, he did just that. He apparited(sp?) to the fire escape and watched through the window, eyeing into the kitchen and the connecting living room. He saw as Sally's supposed daughter came in through the door, her face seemed distant and sad. Once she saw her mother in the kitchen she ran up to her and they embraced each other. The girl broke down crying in uncontrollable sobs and her mother listened to what she had to say, nodding along with a pained expression on seeing her daughter that way.

Sirius looked at the 17-year-old girl. She had long beach wave black hair with dark blue highlights near the end and was in a high ponytail. Her eyes were a sea blue and looked empty, sad. Broken. Her eyes looked wise beyond her age. She wore an orange t-shirt with the faded letters CBH on the front with a pegasus. She had jean shorts on with black ankle-high converse with a red and white outline. She had a leather worn backpack that seemed to hold all her belongings. She looked like an older, better, prettier version of Harry. What shocked Sirius most was the scars that littered her arms and legs. Sirius felt bad for watching, but he wanted to know more about what happened to her. Why was she crying and breaking down? He heard a ding and saw Sally lifted the girl's head with her hand and look her in the eye, asked her a question.

A small watery smile graced her features, the smile seemed to suit her, it was similar to Sally's. Sally smiled sadly back and stood up, letting go of the embrace and going to the oven, pulling something out. It looked like cookies, but the question that popped into Sirius' mind wat that, why were they blue?

He watched as the girl fell asleep on the couch, and as Sally lifted the seemingly weightless girl and carried her to her room. He watched as Sally cleaned up. But what he didn't expect to see was a walrus type man come barging into the flat as if he owned the place, demanding something of her, before threatening to throw something at the woman. This got Sirius mad. He couldn't bear to see his Sally get beat by a walrus. Actually, that would be an insult to walrus'. He grew angry as fury burned behind his eyes. One twitching like a crazy man as he restrained himself and watched as the drunk man hit Sally with a glass bottle and with his fist. He waited till Sally was sleeping and the drunk was watching tv in the living room littered with beer bottles and other trash. Everything looked horrid and smelled of alcohol and beer. He came into the room and attacked the drunk walrus.

"Stupify!" he yelled at the man.


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