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A/N: happy birthday to me! this oneshot is technically hananene, it's more mitsuba and nene talking about their crushes and stuff. very short, sorry.

- - - - -

Yashiro stared at the dark haired boy in front of her and sighed for the nth time. Her best friend, Mitsuba, rolled his eyes.

"It's so obvious you like him." She laughed nervously.

"I don't." The white haired girl said, resting her arms on the cafeteria table.

"NENE!" He groaned and swore he would smack his head against the wall.
"There are so many green flags- I can see them."

Yashiro shook her head, blushing terribly "Wow haha you must've hit your head real hard haha. I don't like him one bit, Mitsuba." She said with a straight face- Or the best one she could do this flustered.

Mitsuba was a great friend even if he could be 'rude' and 'sassy' sometimes. He can give great advice and emotional support.

She did the 👉👈 thing with her fingers "I-I don't know.. What if he's gay or something? Maybe he's got a girlfriend."

"Amane-kun is literally the straightest person I have ever met, he gives you the 'I am head over heels for you' look every time I see him staring at you. Just marry already plea-"

"Fair enough. I'll do it."

He cheered, smiling "-BUT you'll have to take Minamoto-kun on a date." She smirked when the boy blushed, sighing. Even if the two were already dating it still made him flustered whenever their relationship was brought up "Okay, but I'll ask him AFTER you do it."

"Okay!" Yashiro said childishly, drinking her soda.

- - - - -

270 words, edited.

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