Chapter one

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Chapter one

         “N-No! Not here.”  Alex looked around the dark room in horror. No. I..I left. I’m not here anymore….no…..

         “You never left, Alex.” Lucifer strolled into the red lighting in the middle of the room from the shadows. “None of it was real.” He smiled evilly.

         “What…? No!” Alex struggled against the chains that now held her to a wall. This can’t be happening. “Y-You’re not real! I’m not in the cage! I..I got out! I was with Gabriel!”

         “Nope. I just made you think that. You’ve been here the entire time.” Lucifer corrected. “I really fooled you, huh?”

         “No….” Alex fought against the chains more, but they wouldn’t budge. “Help!” Alex screamed at the top of her lungs, but knew no one could hear her.

         Lucifer walked away from Alex and over to a wall of torture devices, ignoring her calls for help. “Hmm...What should we use today?” He turned back to Alex, “Do you have any ideas?” He turned back to the wall and looked at it thoughtfully. “How about this?” Lucifer grabbed an angel blade off the wall. “I haven’t used this in a while.” He walked back to Alex, spinning the blade in his hands.

         “No! Stop!” Alex squirmed as Lucifer dragged the cold blade against her neck and down to her chest.

         “Squirming’s only going to make it worse, Alex.” Lucifer warned, smirking.

         “Alex! Wake up, Alex.”

         “What?” Alex frowned in confusion. She gasped as Lucifer sliced into her stomach with the angel blade, tearing her shirt apart as well, he didn’t seem to notice the voice.


         Alex woke up instantly, gasping for air. She looked around the bedroom in confusion at first, then realized it was her and Gabriel’s apartment. “Gabriel?” She looked at the archangel who was sitting up in bed beside her, looking extremely worried. “What….?”

         “You were having another nightmare.” Gabriel sighed, running a stressed hand through his hair.

         “Oh…” Alex placed a hand on her stomach, her tank top was intact, and she wasn’t bleeding. “Sorry…” She apologized as Gabriel relaxed slightly.

         Gabriel waved her off, “Don’t be sorry, it’s fine. But what happened?”

         “Uh...Nothing, I’m fine.” Alex assured, getting out of bed.

         “You know, talking about it would help.” Gabriel pointed out.

         “I know, but I don’t need to. I told you, I’m fine, really.” Alex looked at the clock on the nightstand, It’s six am...ugh I might as well stay up… She walked out of the bedroom and down the hall to the bathroom, locking the door behind her.


        Gabriel sighed and shook his head, climbing out of bed. It had been a little over a month since he’d come back, and Alex had been getting better. She wasn’t having nightmares, this was the worst one in a while.

         He didn’t know how else he was supposed to help her besides comforting her when she needed it. Gabriel had already offered to wipe her memories of the cage from her head, but she refused. But he was glad she was getting better, he hated seeing her scared.

         “So, are you up for the day?” Gabriel asked, meeting Alex in the hallway.

         “Yeah. Might as well.” Alex nodded.

         “Want breakfast?” Gabriel offered.

         “Yeah sure.” Alex smiled a bit, following the archangel to the kitchen. She loved that they were able to live a mostly normal life, but sometimes Alex missed going out on hunts, and she always felt paranoid. There was always a part of her that knew she wouldn’t be able to lead a normal life, that’s just not how it works. No hunter is ever able to get out of the life, never mind an anti-christ and an archangel.

         She sat at the small kitchen table while Gabriel cooked something, that she assumed was pancakes from the amount of chocolate chips he was adding. Alex grabbed a newspaper that was on the table and began to read it, keeping an eye out for any jobs.

         She chuckled a bit when Gabriel stupidly touched the hot pan, burning himself. “You okay?” She raised an eyebrow in amusement.

         “Damn pan.” Gabriel muttered, continuing to pour batter into it. Alex rolled her eyes and went back to reading. “So whatcha reading?” Gabriel asked her.

         “Eh, nothing really. Boring news. Possible case.” Alex said with a bored tone. “I think it’s a vamp nest. It’s nearby too.”

         “Are you trying to tell me you want to go take care of it?”

         “Can we? It’s in town. It won’t take long.”

        “Well, I don’t know…” Gabriel trailed off.

         “Pleaseee. We haven’t done anything in forever!” Alex begged.

         “You’re the one who said you wanted a normal life.” Gabriel pointed out.

         “Yeah. Well. I can’t just leave a nest of vampires alone when they’re less than five miles from our house.”

         “Yeah fine.” Gabriel agreed with a sigh. “We can go.”


Author's Note-

Hey! Merry Christmas or whatever else you're celebrating! 

This is kinda short, kinda sucks, I'm sorry.

 I wrote this like over a month ago don't kill me cause I can't change it now. 

But how are you guys?! I haven't finished writing this yet, I'm on chapter nineteen, but I said I'd start posting on Christmas so- tada! I'll upload the next chapter tomorrow. Hopefully this is edited properly, but how bad can I fuck up 800 words.

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