Ch. 8

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Chapter Eight


In life, you'd always encounter challenges and hard times. Life can be a jerk with a side of drama and heartbreak. And life's being a real jerk right now, making me choose through difficult decisions.

I couldn't make up my mind whether to tell them the truth, or come up with another lie. I've been lying all my life, to my father, to my stepmother. I admit I'm a liar. But if I do that to these boys, how can they trust me? Hell, it's hard enough not to trust them. I can't explain this type of connection I have with them.

They've been kind so far, and they liked me, I guess. So if I lie they might not like me anymore and I don't want that.

However, if I don't tell them the truth I'd be saving them the story of my nutshell of a life. They might just run for the hills if I tell them.

Decisions, decisions

Sean's hand wrap around my left calve, bringing me back to reality. The rest of the boys litter around the room making it seem much smaller than it actually is because of the amount of people inside.

"Tell me if it hurts, Sang. I need to know the severity of the damage." he tells me, seriously, switching into his very legit doctor persona. His hand transfer upwards right under my bruised knee. It was a deep shade of purple and looked painful. It was painful.

He pressed his thumb just on the outer part of the bruising area, I hold back a wince by biting my lower lip. I give Sean a nod, signaling him that it hurt. Taking his hand off my leg, he motions for one of the boys, the one closest to him which was a complete look-alike of Corey but I'm a hundred percent sure wasn't him. Corey has a twin, I smile mentally.

"Get me some ice." Sean instructs, and Corey's twin follows with a nod before leaving the room. Sean turns to my right knee.

"This cut is deep. And I can determine signs of infection. You didn't get this treated properly, didn't you?" I shake my head sheepishly. I know the basics of patching up a wound but I'm no doctor.

"How about going to the hospital?" I shake my head once more, a little grateful that I didn't have voice because I didn't have to tell them that I never went to a hospital before.

"Wait, are these dents?" Sean looks closer to my knee, "From rice?" he lifts his head to me as I hear Gabriel swear, followed by grunts from the other boys. I shrug my shoulders, not really knowing how to respond.

Sean sighs, without speaking he starts to apply medicine and alcohol on the cut while I tried my best not to show signs of pain. After that, he takes out a bandage and wraps it around my knee  multiple times to keep it from slipping when I stand up and walk.

Corey's twin walks back with a cold compress in hand. I look up at him and catch his eye, he gives me a tiny frown before avoiding my stare.

Sean puts the cold compress on my bruised left knee and applies pressure. I wince and dug my nails into my palm which will surely leave a mark.

"Make sure to apply ice every night to reduce the swelling. And change the bandages on your knees." he says seriously, still holding the cold compress against my bruise. I nod in understanding.

"Hey doc, something's wrong with Trouble's throat. Maybe you should check it." Gabriel who's on my left says. He was concerned.

Sean frowned, "No wonder you haven't spoken to me at all! Everytime I see you, you're hurt." I look away sheepishly. He was right, and there's nothing I can do about it.

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