the new girl

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Alison's POV


I'm awoken by the sound of my alarm clock. Something feels different about today.

I get out of bed and find the outfit I was going to wear. I skim through my giant closet and decide on a black skater skirt with a turquoise blouse and my mint green converse. I perfect my make up and head outside.

Every morning I usually have my group waiting for me.

I see the Matte Audi r8 pull up. "Wow someone's done early" perked cece.. Aka my best friend. "Mhmm whatever let's gooo" I say in a rushing tone.


We arrive at the school and I see my other friends waiting for me. Hanna, Spencer, and Aria.

"Hey Ali! You look gorgeous today." Hanna said.

"Um don't I always"

"Cmon we better get going to class before were late" says a very classic Spencer.

We were heading in when suddenly I hear a loud motorcycle sound. I turned my head around and I see a really pretty brunette.

She had on tight skinny jeans that made her ass look great, she took her helmet off and her hair fell perfectly, she was wearing a black flowing tank top with Jordan's and she had a varcity jacket with the letter 'E' on it. And her eyes... Oh my god they're like the perfect shade of brown that leads to innocence but mystery, that could just make anyone lost in it.

"Ali, its not polite to stare" Cece said laughing at me.

"I was not staring.. I was... Observing."


We were heading to our first period class... English with Mr.Fitz.

Today was so different, unlike everyday when the boys would be staring at me, they were all busy talking about the new girl

"Okay class, as most of you are aware, we have a new student." All the boys were staring at her and some were winking or whistling.

"Her name is Emily Fields, can I get someone to show her around?" He asked and right away u saw all the guys begging to do so.

All she did was blush.

"Alison.. you wouldn't mind would you?"

"Actually.. I.. Uh" I couldn't think of an excuse, so I guess I have to now. "Sure" I groaned.

Emily took a seat next to me and mr.Fitz announced our assignment.

"You have to partner up with someone, and the two of you have to make up a love story, only with a twist. Oh and you guys are not picking your own partners"

You could hear the moans and groans being followed around the room.

"Spencer you and aria, Alison, you and Emily" everything else he said doezed off.

"Ali your pretty lucky, you get to show the hot chick around and you get to work with her on the project. " Noel said.

I didn't look at it as luck though.


I showed emily around. Turns out she's actually pretty cool. She swims... Or should I say swam. Her dads in the military, shes a total badass chick who loves breaking the rules, and I could tell theres so much more to her.

Not to forget she's like crazy beautiful... Wait what am I thinking, she a girl. I am not a lesbian, but I'm pretty sure emily makes every girl doubt what their sextuality is.


After school we head to my house to start the project.

Emily's POV

So there's this hot girl showing me around. I'm hoenstly not paying much attention today, she's just so beautiful. But I hear shes the queen bee around here, so that either means she's totally bitchy and stuck up, or she puts on an act for everyone every now and then.

so I guess were going to her house now.

"Oh um I forgot to mention I get a ride to school every morning, so either we walk or..."

"Don't worry princess I'll give you a ride "

"Princess?" She said totally oblivious.

"Yea I mean you are totally princess material. "

"Is that a compliment?"she asked

"Do you always ask this many questions?"

She started blushing, which caused me to smile.

We started walking out to my motorcycle.

"Um Emily, I can't get on that."

"Why not?"

"It's too high" she said making me giggle.

"Did anyone ever tell you how cute your laugh is?" She asked making me blush.

"Aww your cute when you blush. "

"Did anyone ever tell you how big of a flirt you are princess?"

"Can you just help me on?"

I took her hand and made her step on the foot of my bike, then I pulled her leg over to the other side till she was fully on.

"Here you have to wear this. " I say handing her my helmet.

"What about you?" She asked

"Its fine, dont worry about me"

We were gonna do the project at her house so she was giving me the directions. There were a few times when I felt her grip around my waist tighten. Whats that feeling called when your stomach has all these butterflies?

No! I do not like this girl like that. I mean I hardly know her and I will not fall in love EVER.

"Em are you okay?" She asked worried

"What.. Oh uh Yea Im fine"

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