Chapter 3

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Tanner sat, unmoving for many minutes. Thoughts flooded his head, along with anger and confusion. 'If Toshima was a fake, then she wouldn't have walked out with nothing more than a remember me message.' Tanners thoughts were interrupted by the bubbly Alana hopping into the willow tree.
"Toshima! Alpha is willing to talk to you and maybe let you-" She stopped and looked around the inside if the leaves, "Hey, Tanner. Where is Toshima."
Tanner sat looking at the trunk of the willow, "She left." He said blankly.
"Tanner how could you?" Alana screeched. "I leave for 2 seconds and you run your mother out if your life! I can't believe you! She is your mother!"
"How do you know that!" Tanner snapped, teeth bared in Alana's direction.
Alana took a few steps back. Tanner sat and looked at the floor. Alana calmly looked at him, hurt in her eyes, "How could you not, Tanner." She walked eternal the leaves if the willow and was gone.
Tanner looked over his shoulder to the swaying leaves where Alana walked out. He put his head down in guilt. 'How could I snap like that at the prettiest dog in the world?' Tanner walked out from under the willow, only to see Alana glance over her shoulder from the edge if the clearing. Then she was gone again.
Tanner sat and watched the edge if the clearing. "What did you do this time mutt?" Drayden was walking toward him.
"Take another step and you'll be tailless." Tanner growled through gritted teeth.
"You won't hurt me. Besides, being Omega for a whole now has only made me stronger." Drayden stood taller, but still barely at Tanners muzzle.
"I would have never guessed." Tanner looked at the now scrawny looking Drayden, "If anything being Omega has made you even less if a dog than you were before."
Tanner stepped up and towered over Drayden, looking down at the omega, "You're right. I am half dog, but I'm also half wolf. I would run away if I were you, if you still want your head attached to your neck."
Drayden glared up at the wolfdog. "You do t deserve Alana. And by the way she ran out if that willow so quickly, proves my point exactly." Tanner growled at Drayden leaning in closer. Drayden stepped back and turned toward the Omega shelter. "Just you wait, mutt. You'll see. I deserve Alana, not you." He trotted away and turned to glare at Tanner before entering his shelter.
Tanner growled again at the little gray rag of bones. His lip curled at the though of Drayden and Alana being together.
"Tanner!" Demarco was running toward the Tanner, at full speed.
"What is it," Tanner relaxed and turned toward the frantic dog running at him.
"Wolves." The only word that dreaded Tanner with a terrible haunting feeling. Tanner didn't say a word, him and Demarco were at a dead bolt toward the Alpha and the crowd of other dogs.
"Tanner, glad you're here. The wolves are near. The patrols saw them close and smelled their scent marks over ours."
"Call a meeting." Tanner barked frantically to Alpha as he walked to the food rock. Soon all the dogs were gathered around around listening for there instructions on what to do.
Tanner glanced at Alpha who stood next to him. Alpha nodded and Tanner looked to the crowd, "We can't stay and fight." The crowd grumbled and were all barking at the wolfdog standing before them. "You saw what happened to Alana, do you want to be half dead like she was?" The crowd quieted down as he said those words.
"Tanner is right!" It was Toshima who shouted this, a few paces away from the group with Alana by her side. "I used to be a part of this pack. Even the omega was vicious and deadly enough to kill one if you, maybe two." Every dog was looking over their shoulders to the gray and white wolf. "Some of you probably don't like me, I am a wolf, as you know. But I'm warning you, this pack is deadly. They outnumber you by about two to one. Take my advice and leave this place. They will come after you!"
"How do we know that your not just trying to get rid of us so your pack could stay here." Ava barked over the crowd.
"Well I was hoping to go with you." Toshima looked at Alpha, and Alpha was looking back. All the dogs were now looking to Alpha, as well.
"She is permitted to stay. She honestly wants to help us. I talked with Alana and she believes in her. Toshima is now one of us." Alpha nodded at Toshima who was secretly grinning.
"We must leave now. The wolves are close. We don't want to risk anything." Tanner was glaring in the direction if his smiling dam. "Beta call the formation. We have to get out if here."
"Everydog, get into travel formation! Leave no dog farther than one foot behind you! Head to taill, now" All the dogs scrambled into their positions.
Tanner looked to Alpha, standing next to him.
"Lead the way, Wolfdog." Alpha nodded to the edge if the clearing.
"Thanks." Tanner smiled at Alpha, "Move out!" The dogs bounded out if the clearing with Toshima following in the rear. The search for a new and safe land had begun.

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