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A/n: This story is going to be updated every 2 weeks :)


12 years later...

"Happy birthday to youuuu!" Ally sang in a teasing tone, as she walked into the house with a perfectly wrapped present in her hands. North's eyes lit up, "Ally! Your home!" The younger girl said excitedly, her face lighting up with excitement at the sight of her older sister. "What'd you get me?" She asked in an eager tone, and Ally shrugged. "Open it and see." She encouraged.

North didn't need to be told twice; in less than a second she was tearing off the wrapping paper, and her eyes lit up, "BABY KERMIT!" She yelled holding the plush doll in her hands. North's yelling caused Nicole to run into the living room, "What happened? Did you find a baby frog again?" Nicole asked, and her entire face changed at the sight of her oldest daughter. "Honey you made it! Kylie, Halle; Ally's home!" Nicole shouted as she rushed over to Ally, taking her into her arms and kissing her cheek, leaving her lipstick stain on the younger woman's face.

Ally laughed, "What, you guys thought I wouldn't come? I finished all of my assignments early, and the girls and I woke up at four a.m to drive here just so I wouldn't miss this." Ally said, and Nicole smiled at her daughter. "My baby's home?" Halle asked, walking out of the kitchen with a food stained apron on, and Ally smiled widely as she walked over to her mom and hugged her.

"Mom look at what Ally got me!" North said, as she held up the baby Kermit plush doll. Halle flashed Ally a look, "Ally was supposed to wait until it was present opening time." Halle said, and Ally pursed her lips. "I figured one present wouldn't hurt. Besides, I have another one in Lauren's car on its way, that should be here by present time." Ally said in a cocky tone, causing Nicole to shake her head in amusement as North's eyes lit up in excitement.

"You're spoiling her again." Nicole commented, and Ally looked down at North mischievously. "You can't spoil something that's already rotten!" She joked as she lunged towards her little sister, tickling the younger girls neck, causing North to laugh loudly. "You're a rotten potato!" North said back, and Ally gasped in offense, as she fell over, sitting on the other side of the couch. "If I'm a rotten potato then what does that make you?" Ally questioned, taking North into her hands and shaking the girl playfully, causing North to giggle loudly.

"It makes you both rotten potatoes." Halle commented, making Nicole and North laugh as Ally's jaw dropped in offense jokingly. "You chose us!" Ally pointed out and North nodded in agreement. Nicole laughed at their daughters, "Go finish helping grandma set the tables up, Nori. Everyone's going to be here any minute now." Nicole said, and North groaned. "I have to help set up? But it's my birthday..." North whined, and Halle flashed her a look.

North sighed, as she stood up, taking her new toy with her as she walked towards the back door. "Where's Kylie?" Ally asked curiously, as she looked around for the dark haired girl.

Kylie let out a quiet sigh as she stared in the mirror, fixing her short black hair, trying to get it just the way Hailey liked it. She looked in the mirror, staring at her body. She sighed frustratedly, "What?" Hailey asked, as she looked up from her phone, as she sat on the edge of Kylie's bed. "Look at how wide my hips look in this dress." She complained, and Hailey raised an eyebrow as she stared at Kylie's hips. The blonde shrugged, "I told you to get that hip dip surgery while we were in L.A last year." Hailey said bluntly, only making Kylie feel worse.

Hailey rolled her eyes as she stood up, reaching for Kylie, "It's okay, I think you and your wide hips are cute." Hailey said as she poked one of Kylie's hips, and pecked her cheek. Kylie rolled her eyes, pushing Hailey away, "Get off of me." Kylie said. The resistance only drew Hailey in more. She pulled Kylie in, grabbing the dark haired woman's face, kissing her abruptly. Kylie instinctively kissed back. Hailey pulled away, as she pushed Kylie onto the bed, as she crawled on top of her, straddling her girlfriend.

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