Chapter 11

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            “Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock,” The boy with platinum hair has pulled a knife out while I wasn’t looking and moves it back and forth with what he’s saying.

            “We don’t have all evening, Shane. I figured it’d be obvious which to choose. Save Alexander. He’s so weak and so very fragile,” Taylor imposter keeps his gaze on Alexander, staring at him with a wicked smirk. His eyes are full of lust. It’s disturbing.

            “I’m going to plea with you. Please give me five minutes to talk with Alexander,” I beg. Of course Alexander would be the obvious choice. At least Joshua could hold his own against these guys. If Alexander got even one hit he’d be down and crying and if this bastard is anything like Taylor, he’d enjoy it way too much.

            “Shane, come on. Why are you not choosing Alexander? Are you seriously considering leaving him with us to save Joshua? Does he mean that much to you that you would sacrifice your best friend?”

            “Just five minutes…” I continue to plea, ignoring whatever he says.

            “Sh-Shane…?” Alexander’s grip on my hand loosens. I glance down at him to see tears forming in his eyes. Oh God, he doesn’t think I really have to ponder this, does he?! Of course he does.

            “Fine, you have five minutes,” Taylor imposter sighs in frustration.

            I turn towards Alexander and stare into his eyes, pleadingly, and whisper, “Please, just run away Alexander. Run as fast as you can back into Buffet World and get help. I will hold them off as best I ca-“

            “Nope,” Alexander interrupts, “I got it covered, Shane.” He just smiles at me and before I ask what he means a silver car peels into the parking lot and brakes in front of my car, tires screeching and skidding, almost hitting Taylor imposter and my car. I gape at the site, recognizing the car to be Sam’s.

            The doors swing open and out come Sam, Alex and Steven. Sam marches straight towards Alexander and grabs his hand.

            “We’re leaving,” he blurts out, forcefully pulling Alexander behind him as he heads for his car.

            “No, you’re not,” Taylor imposter stands in front of his passenger car door. Sam stops and pulls Alexander close to him.

            “Who the fuck are you?”

            “Alexander’s worst nightmare.”

            “How did…?” I begin to ask, ignoring everyone. How did Sam know where we were? Did Alexander text him? When would he have time to do that though? And why would he text Sam, of all people? I just shrug it off and while everyone’s distracted and looking at me, confused, Taylor imposter takes this moment to grab Alexander and jerks him backwards to him and pulls out of knife, holding it against Alexander’s throat.

             “Everyone back the fuck up,” he shouts, gripping the knife tightly. We do as he says, including Sam, who is reluctant to do it.

            “Lemme go!” Alexander yells at him.

            “So defenseless and weak. What an adorable little boy, you are,” Taylor imposter chuckles.

“Sh-shut up…!” he snaps back.

                “Shh… it’s okay, baby,” Taylor imposter coos. He turns around and smirks at Sam, “Oh Sammie, why would you leave little defenseless Alexander? You couldn’t handle it, could you? The trauma was too much for you, wasn’t it?

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