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that was the only question wonwoo had in mind as he went through his sister and minjae's messages, his eyes growing wider from shock as he scrolled through. he was in disbelief. there were videos of mingyu and his friends ditching school. pictures of mingyu and wonwoo together at school. multiple voice messages of mingyu's conversations with various people.

as he scrolled into older messages, the more worse the conversations became. the texts consisted of schemes to get rid of mingyu, break him and wonwoo up, get mingyu expelled; all of these messages dating back to weeks, even a few months before minjae came back to korea.

he could make some sense as to why minjae was involved, but chaeyeon? what motive could she have to get rid of mingyu this badly?

did she know something about mingyu that wonwoo didn't?

"wonwoo, here's your-" chaeyeon skipped into the kitchen barefoot, the arm strap of wonwoo's school bag hung in her hand. she abruptly stopped mid-sentence in the door way as soon as she her eyes laid on wonwoo, a confused expression written on his face as he held chaeyeon's phone in his hand. "bag."

wonwoo didn't even know where to start, what questions to ask, other than why she was doing this. "chaeyeon, what the hell is this?" he asked sternly, turning the phone so the text messages, on screen, faced chaeyeon. her eyes grew in shock, wonwoo assuming that he wasn't meant to see what he saw.

"why are you going through my phone? give it back!" chaeyeon said as she quickly stomped towards wonwoo, mindlessly tossing the bag to the side as she attempted to retrieve her phone from wonwoo, swiping in his direction but wonwoo was quick enough to pull back before chaeyeon could get it. "not until you explain why you have all these videos and pictures of me and mingyu on your phone, and why you're even in contact with minjae."

"you don't need to know why, it's my privacy that you're snooping through." chaeyeon raised her voice slightly, attempting again to get her phone back from wonwoo, but failed again.

"why does everyone want to keep secrets from me?!" wonwoo finally snapped, causing chaeyeon to jump and stop, stepping a few inches away. "why can't you just tell me the truth, like when we were kids? we used to tell each other everything. but ever since mum and dad died, we just suddenly started growing apart. you became more secretive, sneaking off to places, coming home late, and whenever i ask you what you've been up to, you just say that you're busy with school."

this was the first time wonwoo has opened up about his thoughts to chaeyeon in years, which was why it was so unexpected to her. he had always been quiet about what was on his mind, excluding his studies and council duties, so when wonwoo finally spoke his mind, chaeyeon was surprised.

"wonwoo, please give me my phone-"

"just tell me the fucking truth!" wonwoo yelled with all the anger that was pent up inside him. she sighed, giving up on the hope that wonwoo will give her phone back and just move on. "please, chaeyeon. tell me why you're doing this." wonwoo said with the saddest tone, pleading to know the truth behind everything.

she pursed her lips together, before starting. "i was doing this to protect you, from mingyu, because what his father did ruined our family."

so she knew, all this time.

"his father fucking killed our parents, wonwoo! his father ruined our family just like how he ruined his own! and mingyu may as well be exactly like him!" she finished. she expected wonwoo to be sad, shocked, something from feeling grief and pain- but nothing. he only had the face of anger, disappointment.

"saying all this doesn't make up for what you did-" wonwoo was about to start but chaeyeon interrupted him.

"did you not hear what i just said? his father murdered mum and dad, in cold blood! he ruined our family, and mingyu will ruin you!"

"i already know what his father did!"

the statement alone was enough to stop chaeyeon's rant, her face morphing into confusion. "what? you already- you already know? how?" how could he know? there was no one else who knew about how they died. how could he-?

"mingyu told me." wonwoo answered bluntly. "so you knew and didn't bother to fucking tell me?"

"wonwoo- i'm sorry- please-"

"after all these fucking years, you knew who killed them. and instead of telling me, you just watched me drown in my self guilt. you watched me blame myself for not doing anything to stop their death. you watched me cry every night, pleading for them to come back, and you didn't care to tell me who the real culprit was. why didn't you tell so i didn't have to feel like shit for so long?" wonwoo ranted over and over, and chaeyeon could only listen, and started to realise all the pain she had caused wonwoo all this time, when her intentions were for good that slowly became only for her own benefit.

with teary eyes, all his emotions taking over his actions and pouring into every word he said.

"why? why did you- why did you keep the truth from me for so long?" wonwoo pleaded for an answer, so tired from being lied to and having secrets being kept from him.

"i- i just-" chaeyeon tried to think of something to say, but no words came out of her mouth, a tense silence polluting the air.

wonwoo wiped the falling tears from his eyes, composing himself before he sternly said, "don't ever talk to me again. don't ever come near me again outside of this household. don't come near my friends or mingyu ever again do you understand?" wonwoo started to walk away but before he tried to leave, chaeyeon held onto wonwoo's wrist, tears starting to form in the corners of her pink shaded eyes.

"please, wonwoo. let me- let me explain." she coughed out through her tears. but wonwo yanked his arm away coldly, leaving chaeyeon. he started to walk away again, finally saying,

"goodbye, chaeyeon."

uhm hi

wonwoo hyung
are you okay ?
how have you been ?

i'm fine
but that isn't important
can we uhm
can you meet me at the cliff top view tower ?

of course hyung
but why ?

we need to talk

i'll be there in ten minutes
i'll see you there

see you

please don't break this off|
please don't leave me|

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