Chapter 8- Revenge

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Toby's POV

I carried (Y/N) through the forest by her house. I went towards a pair of trees side by side. I went through it, causing me to go to a place near the slender mansion.

I walked in carrying her in my arms and went to my room being bombarded with "Who is she?" And "Is slendy ok with it?". What I was focused on was finding Jeff. I set her on my bed, when I realized when I looked in the mirror I had a scar covered with dry blood. I guess I hadn't noticed it while Jeff had fought me. I left my room, with my axe in my hand, thinking of many different ways to torture Jeff for what he did.

~30 min later~
I found Jeff playing games in Ben's room. I opened the door softly and heard them talking about how they like the game, when their fun was interrupted by me slamming the door shut and locking it.

Jeff looked at me with wide eyes, as his mouth dropped to the floor.

"Hi Toby!" Ben said as I made my way stomping to Jeff. Jeff jumped to his feet and saw how furious I was.

"Calm down Toby, no need to get-" Jeff said but was interrupted by me pushing him to the ground and perched on top of him, my axe by his throat, ready to slice.

Ben took a double take before screaming off to the door and trying open the locked door. I threw him the keys before picking Jeff up and slamming him against the wall screaming "W-WHY WOULD YOU H-HURT HER?!" I said when my necked cracked furiously. He was terrified. Utterly terrified. I slammed him against the wall again, this time harder. "WHY DAMMIT TELL ME WHY!!" i said screaming. my hands had made my way to his neck and I was choking him. "It... Was... a joke..." He managed to rasp out. Bullshit. I let go and slammed him on the floor. He coughed up blood and I punched him hard on the nose. I kneeled by him my face so close to his and I took out my dad's old rusty axe. I sat it by Jeff. Jeff, remembering what he did, was now trembling with fear. "You k-know..." I started "T-this was my favorite a-axe..." I said with a furious voice. "...and you just had to g-go and break I-it!" I stood up. Bring Jeff along with me.

I brought him downstairs to where the basement was. "W-what are you doing?!" He said. "Don't worry, little Jeffery... it's just you need some time to play with the Rake..." I shoved him down the basement, and closed the basement door, locking it. I took a deep breath as I walked away, Masky by the stairs, looking at me, along with the rest of the proxies. As I continued my stroll of happiness, I could hear Jeff's screams, calls, and curses coming from the basement door.

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